Analysis of Advertisement Used by McDonald’s Franchise

One would have to question their aggressive and rigorous marketing approach, the majority of people worldwide have either seen the famous golden arches or tried a McDonald’s product In their lifetime, and seems unnecessary to market their products so extensively, still today. A fundamental reason why McDonald’s is one of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world is due to their advertising approach and ethical appeal. McDonald’s target market does not focus primarily on one demographic, however it seeks to attract all ages, sexes and races- a catalyst for their national and global success.

The advertisement which I chose incorporates all the traits in which the McDonald’s franchise is known and famous for. The commercial shows Lebanon James, one of the most recognizable and famous athletes worldwide, eating a McDonald’s burger fore practicing. This advertisement seeks to tell the audience that the best athlete in the world, eats McDonald’s before a game or practice. The certain athletic persona given to the famous basketball player manipulates the audience into giving them assurance Into thinking that If he can eat It and look and perform the way he does, then so can l.

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The sad reality of this is that he does not eat McDonald’s regularly and most certainly not his or any athletes source of nutrition before a game or practice. By using such a recognizable person in society, along with McDonald’s already ammos brand, proves to be a very effective and persuasive advertisement. The example of Lebanon James eating Mcdonald’s is not a new marketing technique. It has served as the cornerstone of McDonald’s advertising campaign and instrumental to their success and global brand recognition.

Along with Lebanon James, the slogan, “I’m Loving’ It”, and the ever present Big Mac, provide the foundation for most McDonald’s commercials or advertisements. The “I’m Loving it” campaign made Its first appearance in Munich, Germany, on September 2nd and became the mall feature In a new advertising strategy. ‘It’s much more than Just a new tagging or commercials – It’s a new way of thinking about and expressing our worldwide brand Restaurants” (“Press Release”). A phrase so simple signifies a variety of meanings.

The main goal of this new slogan was to not only be a catchy phrase for the company, but also to promote giving customers the best value for their money. It is such a upbeat phrase and in a sense makes one feel positively toward McDonald’s. Promoting a ‘one dollar’ value menu and going “green” with recycled boxes were effective strategies used to attract a new type of audience, and extend their already large target market. McDonald’s strives to relate to any and every type of audience through these new appeals.

Affordability, A grade products, and friendly service help to promote and sustain the McDonald’s franchise worldwide. The burger shown in most McDonald’s is what we consider as the ‘ultimate’ burger. The tomato slices are ripe, fresh onion, buns are fluffy and the burger is charbroiled to perfection. Having these qualities the audience will feel desire, happiness and Joy. These emotions will thus create the craving where the public won’t feel truly satisfied unless they have eaten a Big Mac or any other related McDonald’s product.

They have very cleverly made the Big Mac the face of the franchise, and as soon as someone sees a picture of this ‘perfect’ and succulent burger, one’s first intentions are to satisfy their cravings and purchase not only the Big Mac but probably a meal or fries along with it. The Lebanon James advertisement is another example of how McDonald’s has become what it is today, through effective and influential marketing techniques. The ‘perfect’ Big Mac, catchy slogan, cheap prices, and a prominent or good looking person in society have been the backbone of McDonald’s marketing campaign.

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