How does the global reality TV franchise work in the VietNam TV Industry?

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How does the planetary world Television franchise work in the VietNam Television Industry?

Switch over on prime-time Television in Viet Nam and within proceedingss you will be glued to locally produced versions of top world shows like ‘The Amazing Race’ , ‘X-Factor’ , ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Voice’ . World shows now account for more than one-quarter of all primetime broadcast scheduling.

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In the recent old ages, the world Television show format in the Asia-Pacific part has increased significantly. Particularly in Viet Nam, this rapid growing is set to go on. Even though Viet Nam is still a comparatively immature industry, but when world game show franchise debuted, it rapidly led the evaluations.

More than 50 world shows, which based on foreign formats, have been brought by local media houses and Television broadcasters. They have now been aired on local Television channels with most broadcast on national broadcaster Vietnam Television ( VTV ) and Ho Chi Minh City Television ( HTV ) . It is true to state that this is the clip of world shows in Vietnam. It is deserving to take a expression how the development of the world Television format trade in Viet Nam and how it works in Vietnamese today’s telecasting landscape.

Globalization and the Local Response

The thought of this concern format franchising is predicated on an agreement between the proprietor of a construct ( franchisor ) who enters into a contract with an independent histrion ( franchisee ) to utilize a specific theoretical account to sell goods of services under the former’s hallmark. For the end of increasing net income, the franchise will order all facets of runing the concern runing by keeping control of name, Son, set designs, and catch phrases—the typical expression and feel of the merchandise. That’s why having a franchise concern comes with many strings attached.

The Deputy Director of Dong Tay Promotion Corporation Ms. Huong Thuy Vu Nguyen, in an interview on April 14, 2014, said these world plans come in a broad assortment of countries, runing from vocalizing, dance, cookery, patterning to manner design, interior design, and taking adventure trips. There are figure of regulations and rigorous demands that every franchisee is expected to follow – whether you like it or non.

In add-on, while the franchisor sets the policies and processs for all franchisees to run, the country supervisors and inspectors will guarantee that they are followed by franchisees. Geting on the incorrect side of the world show can be franchisees a batch in footings of money and fuss, and even loss of franchise rights when they could non acquire along with the country supervisor. That’s why people think that manufacturers have to face the fact that they don’t have originative monopoly in the for-hire work they do for the world game show franchise.

“The franchisor will merely demo you HOW to run assorted facets of your concern. It is wholly up to the franchisee to MAKE THINGS WORK, ” she pointed out.

“To be honest, we ever start brainstorming some material to set something fresh that can tweak the evaluations, so it is really indispensable to hold a treatment with country supervisor to alter or to make what we think it works for local selling or local audiences, ”

“Having good dealingss with country supervisor will give you freedom and extra support from the franchise.”

For case,Vietnam’s Next Top ModelCycle 4 is the first international version, which allowed male contestants in the same clip withAmerica’s Next Top Modelin its 20th season last twelvemonth. This has become a great attractive force and pulling a big audience throughout the state.

Due to the on-going internationalization and the popularity of light amusement, the franchise motion has changed the local barriers of construction and bureau. A planetary telecasting format is a good theoretical account, which can be localized around the universe and be embraced by a planetary audience. Buying popular telecasting formats is a tested, tested and safe. Likewise accommodating a format is less hazardous than making a trade name new programme.

On April 28, Mr. Duy Thanh Tran Pham, every bit known as the PR director ofVietnam IdolandVietnam’s Next Top Modelstated that the world show franchise brings multiple advantages as compared to locally developed scheduling. Besides cut downing hazard, world shows go on to be one of the best signifiers of advertizement in Vietnamese Television industry in these yearss. Reality Television shows are every bit much a signifier of amusement as they’ve become a selling scheme ( Personal interview, April 28, 2014 ) . His place is responsible for managing all facets of planned promotion runs and PR activities before and during periods of broadcast. It requires a batch of planning, and oversees a majority of that procedure.

The world shows that do win because of a combination of a good societal media marketing scheme AND because they are genuinely entertaining show. In fact, before the show goes to air, there are long treatments between advertizer and web over inside informations like the minimal figure of times a logo and merchandise will be featured, every bit good as the figure of sections focused on the trade name.

“In order to link with consumers, trade names need to acquire inside that content, ” explained the PR director. “And world Television formats give trade names permission to make this. So from an advertizer ‘s position, it ‘s massively of import.

“It’s working and so of course viewing audiences are traveling to happen more and more trade names desiring to be a portion of it. That’s why these plans are invariably drawing in large numbers.”

Furthermore, the world shows are besides attractive to manufacturers, for it offers a multimedia attack on pulling in a larger audience. Synergistic media in world shows through incorporating the Internet ( synergistic web site ) , nomadic telecommunication ( updates, phone games ) and a more masterful partnership with its patrons ( publicities, competitions ) . For case, text messaging plays a immense function in the success ofVietnam Idol, both financially and through viewer satisfaction. Big Brother is another illustration of a show in which audience vote plays a axial rotation in who was eliminated.Or The Amazing Race provides extra footage of the roomies and behind the scenes on its website.They are ways of acquiring viewing audiences more profoundly invested and shoring up their trueness to the franchise and its patrons.

The other of import thing of the local franchise motion, world Television formats offer chances of cost film editing by replacing existent people for expensive stars. As Mr Saeed told the National on 30 Jan that, world plans do non use professionally trained histrions. They cast large personalities. This component is a cardinal portion of many hit shows.

For every manufacturer, camera individual, editor and web executive, emotion is the gold that they wait for and trust on to impel the narrative frontward. Whether it ‘s utmost exhilaration, unhappiness or daftness – strong, existent emotions are what captivates an audience and make a great narrative.

“Real emotion connects the audience as the characters themselves become human and relatable, ” noted the PR director Pham. “To guarantee viewing audiences are entertained, redacting for emotion and flow is overriding. That’s how the world Television shows work.”

The class of world Television in the definition is to hold contestants kiping in together and spending months together for the intent of a Television show. And there is the telecasting cameras turned on 24 hours a twenty-four hours watching how they sleep, eat, frock and what they say to each other.

Let’s interruption it down, as the Deputy Director Huong Thuy Vu Nguyen clarified, there is no book, but they have authors who craft secret plan lines, writhing and tweaking footage to make struggle and determine a narrative. The play that occurs on the shows sparks the involvement of telecasting audiences.

“The American and European’s TV landscape are filled with reality-type plans with the occasional play and situation comedy sprinkled into it, ” added she. “I think that ‘s where the Vietnamese landscape is traveling at this point.”

World shows are made in the edit room. In world plans, the function of editors is greatly enhanced in range and importance. The procedure for the world editor is a time-consuming 1. The best editors are besides the most originative, know their footage and are good narrators.

“From a clump of really well-shot place picture, editors need to happen pieces to make a minute or make the feeling they caught this great minute that possibly the cameras were n’t ready for” said Pamela Berger of CNN on Oct 27.

The proliferation of world Television in Viet Nam is besides linked to alterations in telecasting plan development. “We learn a batch from these planetary formats because they come with an A-Z usher, ” said the Deputy Director Huong Thuy Vu Nguyen. “They besides contribute in seting Viet Nam on the planetary amusement map.”

Additionally, to discourse how localisation works, the PR director ofVietnam IdolandVietnam’s Next Top ModelDuy Thanh Tran Pham, said the planetary telecasting plan is non hard to do or even better. The point is to animate them with the fresh expression and to be able to present the Vietnamese version to the universe.

Take the showVietnam’s Next Top Modelfor an illustration. The large difference betweenVietnam’s Next Top ModelandAmerica’s Next Top Modelis that the concluding unit of ammunition is broadcasted unrecorded on Television, precisely a unrecorded show. The PR director portions proudly that Viet Nam is one of merely few states in the universe where two finalists will be pitted against each other, which will be aired unrecorded in the concluding jamboree show.

In the 2nd rhythm ofVietnam’s Next Top Model, the former Godhead and host ofAmerica’s Next Top ModelTyra Banks was invited to be guest justice in the concluding show. “Tyra admires what we are making, for her shows – all those events happened months before they really showed it on Television, ” added the PR director. “The unrecorded show is ever disputing. We need setup clip because if something went incorrect, it would take to the show failure.”

Thingss are non really different onUndertaking Runway– the Vietnamese version of the American manner world show, the concluding dark ofVietnam Project Runwaynormally occurs unrecorded on the national broadcaster Vietnam Television ( VTV ) . Vietnam has been the first state which has held a unrecorded coda dark for the show.

“In Viet Nam version of the shows, the victor is determined during a unrecorded broadcast. The unrecorded concluding shows are the pinnacle of the full series and frequently highest rated show” , expressed the PR director Pham.

However, many people have doubts about the long-run hereafter of world Television shows in Viet Nam. The audience’s gustatory sensations are really wide and after all, they have the most power to make up one’s mind the destiny of any Television shows. They consider that the world shows will bit by bit lose their attraction after few old ages subsequently.

To discourse about the hereafter of world Television shows in Viet Nam, the Deputy Director of Dong Tay Promotion Corporation pointed out that, the world telecasting already has cheaper production costs than written telecasting, and the excess money that these shows are able to bring forth from synergistic media makes a strong instance for the continuance of world scheduling.

There are tonss of facets of the production, the narratives, the passion and the amusement that we are seeking our best to do great Television and to guarantee their quality. Sometimes, what happened is that the shows were really level and it merely did n’t hold that bombilation and exhilaration. Hence it is a challenge for manufacturers to maintain the audience watching their shows for a long clip.

Through interviews, both the Deputy Director and the PR director believe that the world genre in Viet Nam is ready for a new manner of being. Treat world Television as a world. It might merely be the hereafter of telecasting. The key to world telecasting is to maintain it fresh, ” said they. “It is imperative to seek new things and to believe on their pess, because if we do n’t give the audience something new, or something that feels new, they ‘ll tune out.”


Over the past decennary, the telecasting industry favoured written telecasting plans over the unpredictable and unscripted play ( world show ) signifier. Now it is the clip that world show formats play an of import function in the present epoch of telecasting industry.

The world Television formats reflect a new phase in the globalization of telecasting in Viet Nam. It is of import to understand that the world shows have become non merely a “ breath of fresh air ” on local Television channels but besides an built-in portion of today’s telecasting landscape. The world Television format has been instrumental in altering the manner that telecasting webs imagine their audience, every bit good as act uponing how audiences use media engineerings to take part in determining result.


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