Role of Ethics in My Life

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Ethics play different roles in people’s lives, varying across individuals, cultures, and lifestyles. However, I firmly believe that irrespective of one’s way of life, the utmost priority should be to attain virtuous values and lead an ethical existence throughout their lifetime.

Since your parents were born, their ethical values and moral compass have been taught and instilled by your grandparents. This mindset has guided them throughout their lives, even when they became parents to you. They have passed on these teachings to ensure that you also behave ethically. While this may seem repetitive, it is essential for fostering a better way of life.

I am of the belief that ethics can enhance one’s life, as it not only imparts knowledge of correct behavior, but also enables individuals to treat others with respect. Consequently, this fosters a more harmonious environment, reducing stress and attracting more companionship. Additionally, ethical values guide individuals in adhering to both governmental laws and their own personal standards.

From the moment I was born, my ethical framework was formed and I appreciate my capacity to distinguish between what is right and wrong. I am determined not to allow others’ actions or perspectives influence how I react. Instead, I rely on my own judgment of what is suitable or unsuitable. Living a life guided by ethics brings me satisfaction and peace.

In my opinion, the world would not see any improvement if someone else were in my position and we all engaged in the same actions. This is because benchmarks are crucial for learning from our mistakes and gaining understanding of right and wrong. Whether it be through observing others or experiencing our own wrongdoings, we acquire valuable lessons that prevent us from repeating those errors. I believe that each individual possesses their own unique objectives, including ethical ones, but these objectives should still align with a specific standard.

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