Role of Ethics in My Life

Ethics play a role in different people’s lives in so many ways. They also vary from one person, culture or way of life to another. No matter what, I believe that however you live your life, having good morals and living an ethical life should be the most important thing you acquire during your lifetime.

When your parents were born, your grandparents taught them what they thought was right and wrong, and the difference between good or bad. This instilled a way of thinking for your parents that helped them to continue on the right path before, during and after they had you.They passed what they knew down to you and taught you to behave ethically as well. It might sound repetitive when you think about it this way, but it’s necessary for a better way of life.

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I believe ethics can help you live a better life. Besides teaching others right from wrong, having morals and ethical values helps you treat the people around you with respect, in turn making your environment a more peaceful one. You will have fewer stressful moments and more people will want to be around you. You will know how to abide by the law, the law of the government as well as your own personal rights and wrongs.

The ethical parameters that determine my actions, thoughts and kind of life I live were set out for me from birth and I am glad I am able to feel when I am doing something right and when something wrong shouldn’t be done. Not letting the way other people act or allowing what they think is right or wrong determine the way I react to a situation is my number one way of setting my parameters. If I feel I should or shouldn’t feel, do or say a certain thing – I won’t. I live my life the way I do because I feel happy and satisfied knowing I am doing things ethically.

I cannot say that if someone else was in my shoes and we were all doing the same exact thing the world would be a better place. I don’t think it’s possible, because there wouldn’t be any standards if we were all at the same level. We learn from our mistakes and we learn what right and wrong are from people who have done wrong, or ourselves doing wrong, and teaching ourselves not to repeat it. I think everyone’s different, and we all need different goals – even ethical ones, but they should all be set at a certain standard.

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