Romeo and Juliet Conflict and Violence Essay

The extreme violence seen in Act 3 scene 1, serves to remind the audience that despite the romantic aspect of Romeo and Juliet the play is mainly concerned with the conflicts developing from concepts of pride and honor, which were important aspects of society during Shakespearean times. The universal aspect of violence and conflict is conveyed through the quote, “Romeo slew him; he slew Mercutio who now the prince of his dear blood doth owe? ” stated by Prince Escalus.

The quote shows that despite the Prince’s status in society, he too holds the fault of violence and conflict.

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Romeo and Juliet Conflict and Violence
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Similarly, the quote by Mercutio; “thou art as hot a Jack in thy mood as any in Italy”, reinforces the idea that violence and conflict are indeed universal in nature and as a result are aspects of every culture. The fights between Mercutio and Tybalt then between Romeo and Tybalt are rampageous. In contrast, for the scene, the Prince this in a slow, coarse voice, the camera is following him.

After he said this, Lady Capulet burst into tears. “For blood of ours shed blood of Montague” cried by Lady Capulet to the Prince, meaning that take revenge on the Montague family for killing Tybalt. And thus replied by the Prince above. “I want nothing but one of your nine lives” said by Mercutio represents animal imagery due to the fact that Tybalt is in-fact The Prince of Cats. In the movie, Mercutio says this while he has Tybalt in a vice-like grip and when they are fighting.

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