Rynkeby Juice Marketing Research

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RynkebyA/S is the most popular juice company in Denmark and has introduced a variety of organic and premium fruit and vegetable juice brands targeted at the young people but it fails to achieve growth sales in this segment. Recent research shows that there is a growing concern of obesity and life threatening diseases among the younger generation of Denmark today. Due to the fast and hectic city life, the youth have adopted unhealthy lifestyles by eating brunch and drinking unhealthy carbonates.

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But there are variety of other reasons behind the low sales of fruit and vegetable juices other than unhealthy life style. After doing some qualitative and quantitative research we have been able to analyze the problems the juice market (Rynkeby) is facing today and also we have been able to offer some solutions and recommendations as well.

Interpretation and terminology

To begin with, we have decided to interpret the issues of our project and we would define the problem as to why Rynkeby’s present strategy in selling its new variety of fruit and vegetable juices based on a heath focused theme, is not doing well in the Danish market.

We have interpreted the word life style as the eating and drinking habits of the young Danish people, who are addicted to eating unhealthy brunch food and drinking unhealthy soft drinks and energy drinks in order to cope up with the fast life of today. These people are taking their life for granted. Diet colas are being mistaken for low sugar healthy drinks. Beers are also consumed in large amounts together with or without daily meals.


Our primary focus will be the younger generation, from the ages between 15 –25, but we will also be looking at the other possible target groups within this target group. We are going to be analyzing all kind of ready to drink juices in the Danish market as compared to Rynkeby. In our research we will not be analyzing the company’s internal strategies but we will only concentrate on the external one. Since we have been strictly instructed to write mostly about the Quantitative research within a limited number of pages ( 20 pages) we will put our desk research data bases in the ppendixes. We will not contact the company for information, as it is very costly.

So we will only make our analysis based upon the data collected from the primary research as well as secondary research (desk research, store checks, our own assumptions). We will be conducting our field research in Fyn and we are going to conduct not more than six interviews per person.

The Problem Statement

We are appointed by the Rynkeby Company to analyze and assess the problem for the low sales of their fruit and vegetable juices among the youth of Denmark.

According to the information gathered from our secondary research we can assume that there could be various problems linked to the main problem as to why Rynkeby is failing to attract the young Danes into drinking their healthy fruit and vegetable juices? These are:

  • What is the buying behaviour of the potential target group for soft drinks?
  • Are they prices sensitive?
  • Where do they buy juice the most (shopping malls, small shops, tobacco shops, railway or bus stations or their work place)?
  • What are the eating and drinking habits of the youth in Denmark?
  • Which brand do they buy weekly/monthly? Are they faithful to one brand? Are the young Danes aware of health related diseases caused by following unhealthy lifestyle?
  • Is the company successful in putting a satisfactory impact on the younger generations to stay healthy by drinking their fruit and vegetable juice? Does the younger generation prefer normal products to ecological products?
  • What is the preference of the youth regarding the taste and packaging of juice? Is the packaging functional and stylish to attract the young customers?
  • Is Rynkeby doing enough marketing and advertisements to promote their brand of vegetable and fruit juices in Denmark?
  • Who are the competitors? Is the company facing a potential threat from its competitors regarding price, packaging and quality of the product?


To prepare an analysis of the Danish market for juice (fruit and vegetable) with special focus on consumers’ perception of health related advantages of juice we are first going to do some secondary research where we will try to find out answers to the problems.

After that we will do some quantitative research (field research) by making some relevant questionnaires on why and how Rynkeby’s products are sold and used by our defined target group. We will go out in the malls, in the streets, and the railway station to conduct our survey. Relevant to our problem statement we are going to use Porters five forces and analyze Rynkeby’s present situation on the consumer market. We have chosen this model because this model best determines an industry’s attractiveness and long-run industry profitability. In the end we are going to put all our findings and solutions and recommendations in a special report and deliver it to the company.


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