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Eliza Dugan, a student who is running for school captain, gave a speech to persuade her peers to vote for her. She introduced herself and shared her interests, including athletics, cross country, and dancing. Eliza believes that she possesses several good qualities such as honesty, respect, listening skills, hardworking attitude, leadership, and good public speaking skills. She is well-organized and treats everyone equally. Eliza enjoys helping others and sets a good example for other students. She believes that she would make a good school captain because she would work hard to make coming to school a happy and fun place to work and learn. Eliza wants to ensure that everyone gets a say in what happens at the school, such as fundraising ideas and suggestions to improve the school.

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I am here today to announce my candidacy for school captain. My main purpose is to persuade you to vote for me. Let’s start. For those who are not familiar with me, I am Eliza Dugan. Those who already know me should consider themselves fortunate. Now that everyone knows my name, it can be the one you select on the ballot. Here’s a little information about me: I participate in various sports, especially athletics and cross country running. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family and love to have a good time. Dancing is another one of my interests.

During my time in school, I have participated in athletics and cross country, representing the school in these sports. This has provided me with a unique experience, including two trips to Sydney for cross country events.

I possess several admirable qualities such as honesty, respect, active listening, dedication to improving my grades, and leadership skills. Additionally, I am proficient in public speaking. Being well-organized and efficient in completing tasks is something I take pride in. Ensuring equal treatment for all individuals and fostering inclusivity are of great importance to me. Assisting others brings fulfillment and allows me to serve as a positive role model for fellow students. Above all else, I always give my utmost effort when faced with any task or challenge that comes my way. Finally, both teachers and fellow students can attest to my consistently polite and respectful behavior.

I enjoy contributing to the school in various ways, but now let’s discuss why I am a suitable candidate for school captain. In my view, my strength as a school captain lies in my commitment to fulfilling my promises. I would exert effort to establish a positive and interactive learning environment that makes school enjoyable for all individuals. My goal is to transform the school into a space where students can have fun with their friends while acquiring knowledge. Additionally, I would dedicate myself to ensuring that every individual has a voice in decision-making by presenting fundraising ideas and suggesting enhancements for the school.

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