My Sweet School Memories

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School days were usually monotonous, with lunch occurring regularly at noon. These lunches brought me satisfaction, allowed me to socialize with friends, and provided an outlet for my energy. Right before lunchtime, our teacher would assign the whole class the duty of cleaning up the classroom. After completing this task, she would arrange us in alphabetical order, and luckily, I was always at the front. Then she would guide us down the hallway, where we could appreciate posters and artwork made by our class or other students.

As I walked down the hall, I glanced into other classrooms and observed their preparations for lunch. The aroma of cooked food wafted through the air, accompanied by the loud clamor emanating from the lunch room. Upon reaching the counter, I would pick up a lunch tray and engage in conversation with the consistently-present lunch lady. Clad in a white shirt and pants, along with a stained blue apron adorned with leftover food, she would provide me with a serving of Mac and cheese containing bits of hotdog, alongside corn or green beans. To complete the meal, a piece of cake and a pint of either white or chocolate milk were included.

After receiving my food, I would survey the lunch room to locate the ideal spot to enjoy my meal. It never failed to leave me contented. I felt so satiated that occasionally I yearned for a nap. During lunchtime, my usual routine involved conversing with my friends. Most days, our discussions revolved around the food, homework, or cartoons. There were instances when I would just sit and observe the lunch room. On such days, I would witness a group of teachers conversing with misbehaving students. Alternatively, I would see bullies targeting those who were smaller in stature.

They would steal my lunches, so after finishing my meal, I would go outside to release my energy. Upon stepping outside, I would observe other children engaging in a game of kickball and join them. However, if they rejected my participation, I would move on to the swing set and entertain myself there until I grew tired of it. Eventually, I would make my way to play four squares, a game that always brought me joy. Lunchtime holds numerous cherished memories for me.

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