My Sweet School Memories

School days were the same from day to day most times. School lunches were at the same time every day at noon. They were great because I got satisfied, I got to visit with friends, and I got to burn energy. Right before lunch everyday my teacher would have the whole class clean up the classroom. After we were done she would line us up alphabetically. Luck me I was always in the front. The she would have us walk down the hallway. I would see posters and artwork on the walls. Usually were things that our class or a different class made.

On our way down the hall I would look into other classrooms and see other classes get ready for lunch. I could smell the cook foods and hear loud noises coming from the lunch room. When I got up to the counter I would grab a lunch tray. Then I would talk to the lunch lady who was there. She always had the same white shirt and pants with a blue apron on and it was stained with food. After a word with her she would give me Mac and cheese that had bits of hotdog in it, corn or green beans, a piece of cake and a pint of white or chocolate milk.

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After I got my food I would look around the lunch room to find the right spot to eat my food. It always lefted me satisfied. I was so full I sometimes wanted to take a nap. Usually during lunch I would sit there and talk to my friends. Most days we talked about the food, talk about homework, or talk about cartoons. There was a few day I would sit there look around the lunch room. I would see about a dozen teachers in there talking with other kids who were being bad. Or I would see the bullies picking on kids smaller than them.

They would steal their lunches. After I was done eating I would head outside to burn off energy. When I walked outside I saw other kids play kickball. I walked over to play with them. If they did not want me to play with them I would head to the swing set and play there until I got bored. Then I went to play four squares. That game was always one of my favorites. I had many good memories at lunch time.

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