School Experiences: My Best Friends and Best Memories

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In a blink of an eye, my 13 years of schooling vanished like magic. Throughout the past four years, I have formed incredible bonds with individuals such as Ricky, Tyler, Tim, Derrick, Emily, Shaylyn, and Ricky once again. Each one of you has profoundly influenced the person I am today and who I aspire to become in the future. The amount of joy and laughter surpassed all my expectations. To all my friends, thank you. In addition to having an immense amount of fun together, I also accomplished a great deal academically. The workload was unimaginable, but the outcomes proved that the effort was worth it. The colored ropes we received at graduation were a tangible reward for dedicating 40 hours to community service in honor society and countless hours on assignments to achieve valedictorian status.

My friends, Emily and Shaylyn, played a crucial role in my achievement. They not only underscored the significance of friendship but also exemplified its unbreakable nature. Additionally, they imparted their knowledge on being cool and I am grateful for that swag. One particularly cherished memory is when we ingeniously replaced the grass on the golf course with legos. On another note, Derrick successfully diverted my attention from work long enough to make me realize that doing it in class was unnecessary after all. Our most treasured shared experience will forever remain when we utilized his industrial slingshot to burst a guy’s hot air balloon—an incredibly audacious accomplishment, bro.

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Tyler, your hair is so manly, it’s like a tsunami. When I discovered that you got your English poem from instead of poetryoutloud, I instantly knew we would become close friends.

The most cherished moment I have with you is when we covertly entered that gymnastics competition and ultimately clinched first place.

Tim, you are the one who motivated me to strive harder. Your unwavering determination pushed not only me but also everyone around us to achieve success at your level. Honestly, I can confidently admit that my intelligence wouldn’t be at its current level without your influence.

My fondest memory with you is when you taught me the art of crafting an origami rice ball.

Ricky and I have always believed that our friendship was destined. From the beginning, he has been a source of support in times of need, something for which I am truly grateful. I have gained valuable insights into love and resilience from him, particularly when confronting challenging situations. Even his chicken wings and knee punches have imparted crucial lessons on strength. Ricky is an incredibly inspiring friend.

What truly astounds me is Ricky’s remarkable work ethic. He dedicates an immense amount of effort to seemingly insignificant tasks like opening doors at unconventional angles using his arms. However, when it comes to endeavors that most individuals his age deem important, such as education and academics, he appears to invest minimal effort. Yet, he excels in numerous AP classes – a fact that leaves me utterly speechless.

The afro you had was an extraordinary feat of modern architecture, a marvel comparable to the ninth wonder of the world. It possessed volume, sleekness, density, and softness – representing the epitome of human achievement.

After billions of years of evolution, nature reached its pinnacle with Ricky’s afro.

One cherished memory I have with you is our attempt to capture a sheep from the neighboring cow farm, followed by spending the night together beneath that particular cow.

Another treasured memory involving your magnificent afro is when we endeavored to purchase money trees, only to discover they were ordinary trees adorned with oversized penny images.

These memories will forever remain vivid in my mind and hold a special place in my heart. The friendships I have formed with my friends have become strong over time, even turning acquaintances into close companions.

Once, I had a thoughtful conversation with a wise person about the foundations of the earth. When I asked what supports our planet, he responded with “The tortoise of time.” Intrigued, I further questioned him about what the tortoise stands on, to which he amusingly replied, “another tortoise.”

My curiosity continued as I asked him what lies beneath that, and he humorously answered, “It’s tortoises all the way down.” This anecdote reminds us that despite limited years of education available for free, there are countless layers of knowledge waiting to be uncovered – just like a stack of tortoises.

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