My High School Memories Sample

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My best experience was graduating high school. Get downing high school was a whole new stage in my life. High School made my whole life changed around and made me recognize it’s clip to turn up. I met many new people and many new friends. I enjoyed traveling to school dances with a group of my friends. During my old ages of high school. I changed from a charter school to a Catholic school. I have many memories from my high school old ages.

The high school I started at was The Philadelphia Academy Charter High School. I went at that place for the first two and a half old ages of my high school life. I wasn’t really happy in that school because the pupils were really barbarous and objectionable. I associated with the instructors more than I did with the pupils. Then one twenty-four hours I came place and I told my parents that I didn’t want to travel at that place any longer. I felt like an foreigner and I felt like I didn’t belong at that place.

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The school I decided that I wanted to travel to was Saint Hubert’s. I started there my junior twelvemonth. Before I started at that place. I was afraid to travel at that place because it was an all-girl school. and I didn’t acquire along with the girl’s at my other school. Traveling to Saint Hubert’s was the best determination I of all time made. I met many new friends and became more societal. Saint Hubert’s made me go a adult female of religion and unity. I loved traveling to Saint Hubert’s. The instructors. module. and pupils are all so helpful.

I have so many memories from Saint Hubert’s. They besides have so much things traveling on at that school. In the month of November. we have Susie Hubert twenty-four hours. That twenty-four hours is when each home room picks a subject and gets dressed up. Each class has their ain colour. Freshmans are green. sophomores are bluish. juniors are pink. and seniors are xanthous. Another memory I have is faculty follies. Faculty Follies is at the terminal of the twelvemonth and it’s when the instructors put on a show for the pupils in the auditorium. A different memory I have was when we got the lay waste toing intelligence that our school was shuting. The whole school came together and thought of many different thoughts to assist raise money to salvage our school. Saint Hubert’s wasn’t merely a school ; it was besides a place for us bambies. My most memorable minute was Senior Prom. I had so much merriment dancing and hanging out with all of my favourite people. I wish I could merely travel back to Senior Prom. Senior prom was the best dance I attended and it was really gratifying.

All of my high school memories made me recognize that high school was the best old ages of my life so far. I became more mature and more societal with people of my ain age. Switch overing from a charter school to a Catholic school was the best thought I have made. It made me so much happier in life. Even though. I was nervous to get down at Saint Hubert’s. I was besides excited at the same clip because everyone in Saint Hubert’s was a household to each other. We treated each other like we were all sisters. I will truly lose all the school events that we had. It made all of us girls come closer to each other. This is why altering high schools was my most memorable experience of my life so far.

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