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The song Those Sweet Words by Norah Jones portrays the hopeless emotions of love, similar to the poem My Lute Awake by Sir Thomas Wyatt. Norah Jones is a successful American singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress who has released six albums, five of which are platinum records, and has won five Grammy awards. The song comes from her second album, Feels Like Home, which sold over 15 million copies in 28 weeks. Although the song has an upbeat tone, it still conveys feelings of a hopeless love that is fading away. Overall, Norah Jones is a talented artist who is worth checking out.

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Those Sweet Words Norah Jones The song that I have chosen is Those Sweet Words by Norah Jones. I chose this song because it displays some of the hopeless emotions of love that my poem also expresses. Both are about a lover who fails to gain the attention of the one they love. The song has a more up beat tone about it however, as if it is not completely hopeless. Norah Jones is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress.

Her birth name is Geethali Norah Jones Shankar, she was born March 30th, 1979. She launched her first solo music career with the largely successful album Come Away With Me, which earned a diamond record, She has since released five other albums, all of which are platinum records and each has sold over one million copies. She has won five Grammy awards, Norah Jones, generally preforms a contemporary and jazzy, but in this particular piece, I find her style to be more of a light country.

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It does how ever portray some feelings of a hopeless love as with the style of my poem My Lute Awake by Sir. Thomas Wyatt. This song just feels like it fits with the poem to me. My selection comes from her album Feels Like Home, her second album. This album sold over 15 million copies in its first 28 weeks. This album wasn’t just a reboot of her previous style, she has put more of a personal feel in it, rather than just preforming. She also hints to her hopeless love life, much like Sir Thomas Wyatt does in his poem.

Over all I think this song fits well with my poem because she is singing about a hopeless love that is floating away like balloons in the afternoon sky. Norah knows that her song would be fruitless yet she still preforms it. She isn’t nearly as forthright as Sir Thomas Wyatt though. She does not swear revenge on her would be lover. Norah is a great artist, her music is divine, and she is definitely worth a Google, considering you have probably never heard of her.

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