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Science Research of Diets

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Personal preference plays a significant part in the food choices of an individual. Widely shared preferences include: tastes for salt and sugar. Which foods best exemplify the Asian culture? Soybeans, squid, rice, peanuts Which of the following characterizes the diet of most ethnic groups? Excludes milk Orange juice fortified with calcium to help build strong bones is an example of a(n): functional food. Which statements about vitamins is true? They facilitate the release of energy from the other three organic nutrients.

The essential nutrients are those: that must be obtained from foods.

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Science Research of Diets
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All Of the food class are energy-yielding nutrients except: vitamins. How many calories are provided by a food that contains 25 g carbohydrate, 169 How many fat calories are in a food which contains 15 grams of fat? 135 All of the following contain mixtures of the energy nutrients except: oil. Consumers who take vitamin/mineral supplements should be aware that excessive intakes can pose hazards, and refer to the values of the Dietary Reference Intakes.

Tolerable Upper Intake Level (JILL) Which of these statements is NOT true regarding the Dietary Reference takes?

The DIR are designed to merely prevent nutrient deficiency diseases. Nutrient density refers to foods that: deliver the most nutrients for the least amount of calories. Research confirms that a common contributor to three of the leading causes of death overturning. The six diet planning principles include: adequacy, balance, calorie control, moderation, variety, and nutrient density. Which foods would provide the highest nutrient density for calcium? Fat-free Foods such as potato chips, candy, and colas are called empty-calorie foods because they: revive calories but little nutrients.

For comparison purposes, 3 ounces of meat can be visualized as being about the size of: a deck of cards. A set Of nutrient standards designed strictly for use on food labels is called: Daily Values. The Nutrition Facts label must contain information about which minerals, according to labeling standards? Calcium and iron To be labeled as “healthy,” a food must be low in total, saturated, and trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and contain at least % of the DVD for vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, protein, or fiber. 10

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