Searching for the Meaning of Life by Tolstoy

Many people have had a mid-life crisis and during this time many people have asked this question what is the meaning of life. Leo Tolstoy too had a mid-life crisis and asked that very same question. Searching for the meaning of life can be very difficult but, the way Tolstoy went about searching and discovering his own meaning is and an author that I can agree with. Tolstoy began his search for the meaning of life by asking his friends, family, and fellow arthurs. Many of them began to discuss there ideas in which Tolstoy finds them all inadequate.

The first of many ideas was that the meaning of life is money. You would work hard, make money, and build yourself a better life. Tolstoy’s reaction to the idea is that money cannot be taken when you die. Also, people who are poor did not fulfill there live because they did not obtain enough money throughout there lives. I agree with Tolstoy because money cannot be the meaning of life because there are not many people who are able to amass such an amount of money to fulfill their lives.

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Another suggestion that his friend explain was that while he will die, his fame will live on through his name. Tolstoy again objected to fame being the meaning of life because fame is meaningless to the dead and fame in it self does not last forever. I agree with Tolstoy’s objection to the idea of fame not being the meaning of life, because fame will not last forever just like a celebrity. Fame is just a small aspect of what life is all about so that cannot be the true meaning f life. Tolstoy was given the idea that a legacy is the meaning of life.

Again Tolstoy objected to this idea because it the same as fame. A legacy is leaving some impact to the world, and while his books will do that in some way, the impact that Tolstoy in to will die and cannot be carried with you when you die. Agreeing with Tolstoy I can say that having a legacy is something that can bring meaning to someone life, but at some point legacies cannot last forever and dead people will not remember what you did. Tolstoy is someone who I thought would consider family as the meaning to life, but that too was something that Tolstoy rejected.

Children are part of their mother and part of their father, and along with that they inherit their parents beliefs and structures. Tolstoy says that many children eventually take up other beliefs as generations past. Also, theres the exception where the continuation of generation may stop if a child decides not to have children. I thought that family was really the meaning of life but, after reading about Tolstoy I would agree with what he says about objecting family as the meaning of life Tolstoy eventually came to the conclusion that the beliefs of a Christian god will make your life has some meaning.

Believing in a heaven and hell has helped people become more spiritual. People have more of a motive because the meaning of life has them thinking that people will be looking forward to something after-life. Tolstoy is someone who I believe wants the most out of life and I think he is and arthur I can agree with. Tolstoy has an understanding of what aspect there are and analysis what other people have thought he meaning of life was and eventually came to his own conclusion about what the meaning of life is.

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