Self Assessment of Leadership Analysis

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My personality is good-natured. and my rule of pass oning with people is to be soft and to be a good hearer. Meanwhile. I am peculiarly good at promoting others and assisting others. I besides like to listen to other people’s point and experience. Based on these features about myself. I think I tend to be a servant leader. At the same clip. in position of what I learned from the book and the talk I attended on category in Week 1. I would wish to explicate why this stlye of leading is fit on me.

Servant leading refers to a servant manner and psychological feature. be able to function. support. encourage and enpowering others. instead than sing themselves as higher-ups. and ever necessitate others to function. Besides known as servant leading public presentation of the behaviour and attitude of supplying services to others. this construct of leading could be concluded as servant leading.

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The servant leader does non needfully hold formal leading of the footings of mention. but have features like animating. swearing. listening. authorising and being ethical. Therefore. a leader with the qualities of servant leading. there will be a different leading manner and behaviour. So. the servant leader Exhibition emerged following as:

1. Attaches importance to run into the demands of others ;2. develop members’ best public presentation ;3. Guide and motivate members to show themselves ;4. Promote members to prosecute personal growing ;5. Listen and set up organisation coherence.

The leader is a retainer. the same attitude and the attitude of the purpose of leaders should be like a retainer. The establishing male parent of “Republic of China” . Sun Zhongshan. who actively advocate “for the intent of life is to serve” construct. to promote people to function others. Servant leading seems simple. the pattern is non easy. unless leaders are willing to alter their outlook or motto. As a leader willing to see this behaviour of functioning others as the spirit of forfeit and dedication requires a great trade of bravery and willingness. it will convey some new organisational civilizations. “Service” is human nature. servant leading is merely spread outing human nature to transport out by human being. For illustration. as instruction board of directors or school decision makers non merely encouraged the pupils to function others. but besides better their ain self-encouragement to go a servant leader. to exert regard and charitable spirit. listen with empathy. motivated. and provided societal services for pupils. parents. co-workers.

About the value I grounded in from planetary cultutal position. In the epoch of globalisation. internal forces communicating. communications between endeavors. and communicating among endeavors and society and the authorities have been involved in the web of multicultural exchanges. This requires the leading of the endeavor must hold the globalisation of cultural consciousness. the cardinal cultural cognition. For me. I still should better myself and what I lack of is to heighten self-awareness and to keep rational wonder and the combination of work and life.

And the most of import factor is respect different civilizations and positions. In order to be able to keep the effectivity of the planetary environment. I think cross-cultural leader must hold a important and environmental witting and sensitiveness. This is non merely conductive to pass on with employees of different civilizations. but besides it is needed to be built the formation of position in concern. political relations and covering with the authorities.

The telology and naming of servant leading. the nucleus is to make an unfastened environment. viz. is a productive and satisfactoried working environment. How to make an unfastened environment? First of all. it is needed to construct common trust. The intent of swearing others is to allow others show your trust. such as through acknowledging a few little errors. and apologise when it is necessary. Another 1 is merely provide positive feedback. When the environment has changed. people were afraid to lose themselves. their ain personality features. and their cognition authorization. etc.

The bad consequence of negative or constructive unfavorable judgment is some people would wish to keep their self-esteem as defence. The congratulations and encouragement based on practical consequences and honest can extinguish the self-defense consciousness. therefore the followings can set their maximal assurance into the invention of organisation building. The last but non the least. actively and profoundly listening can do people experience free to inquiry. analysis and probe.

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