Serpico Essay

Bianca Perez CRJ 11 4-3-13 Prof. Rodriguez ????? Serpico The movie Serpico is about police corruption Frank Serpico, or known as “Paco” which is a police officer who testifies against police corruption, also who got shot in the face for during a drug arrest. Which after that being taken place, none of the officers made one action. Serpico was abandoned by society because after testifying with many people about the corruption really made no difference.

Serpico was a good cop for example an officer beaten a young, after that Serpico had took the young male across the street for a cup of coffee treating him well talking with him to get the information that’s needed for the crime the young boy committed, instead of the violent act. All Frank Serpico was about was serving well to protect others with no question. Officers did not work together in a positive and ethical way to do things the right way; they also were accepting bribes from criminals.

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Overall the police in this film were using their own source of power to commit crimes. While Frank Serpico did his best to stop the police corruption to serve well to his community. The goals of policing are to stop crime responding quickly before a situation gets worst, preventing problems which lowers the amount of crime for example a police officer checking the speed limit on the highway forces people to drive more slowly so an accident won’t occur, securing areas can lower the of high-risk activities (gang violence, prostitution, gambling, e. t. ) and can help the area become a more secure place, providing assistance helping to solve citizens problems even its just removing an individual that is acting inappropriately in a public setting or even controlling traffic, and a police presence can help citizens feel safe as they go about their daily lives, or businesses. Helping them feel at ease. I feel all these goals were only met with Serpico because he truly wanted to do the good thing even if he was to have a lot of help because he’s the one who took the action to want to stop the police corruption.

The Police Subculture is norms, values, rules, and lifestyles, defining the group of whom ever in the law enforcement. Lots of the officers have just accepted the corruption in the police department, drug dealers, and gambling has become a part of the subculture. One scene which is a drug bust I believe you see the police subculture of this movie very well, when Serpico was shot in the face, and his fellow officers did not do anything, it took a man who lived in the next apartment to call the emergency services.

Corruption can be an act of a crime, it has no honesty. Corruption protects criminal activity and forms organized crimes. Two scenes in the Film Serpico officers were involved in the drug dealing to make extra cash, and the other scene where the officer gives the man who works at the cafe free parking in an exchange for free breakfast, which is called grass eaters officers who accept small bribes offered by citizens. The other word for a disloyal officer is meat eaters, police who misuse their power, and sometimes very aggressively too.

In the movie police respond mainly to reactive policing which is only responding to calls while proactive policing is searching for crimes other than waiting for crimes to be reported. Serpico is all about the proactive policing. In a scene where Serpico was dress standing in a train station sees a man climb through a window finding it suspicious he runs after the man, catching the man but while all that, that was occurring police officers were ‘called’ for the crime (the reactive policing) arrived at the scene while Serpico had already caught the man.

In conclusion the police corruption was not so corrupted after Serpico try and testify so many times, this film really grabbed my attention showing life situations that can be real in today’s police forces. Serpico was just an honest cop who wanted to serve well. Officers were accepting bribes from criminals, while Serpico serve his community right. Police corruption just abuses the lives of others and causes the behavior of some form of violence.

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