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Shooting Dogs Reflection

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Shooting Dogs Reflection

The first Character that I will be discussing is Joe, who throughout the movie was “living out” the philosophies of Immanuel Kant. In one scene of the movie Joe demonstrates the Categorical Imperative. He acted as he would want others to act if they were in his situation. In this scene many people came to Joe asking for something to build a fire, in order for them to eat. Joe had, then went up to the room he was staying in, grabbed the bed frame, dresser an wood he could find and helped the people build the fire for their food.

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Shooting Dogs Reflection
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Joe’s actions are morally good because they were done or the sake of duty. The reason he went there was because he wanted to make a change and help people. Joe throughout the movie had shown humility, even though he knew he was better off than them, he still helped them no matter what. In the end the suffering was too much for him and had left with the UN.

The second character that will be discussed is Christopher, who had been “living out” two philosophies, one of Aristotle and one of Emmanuel Levinas. Firstly Christopher throughout the movie had been “living out” Aristotle’s philosophies because in mass he had been demonstrating human virtues. One specific one of course was moral virtues. He had been helping so many people throughout the movie that it became a habit to guide people to the light of god. Christopher also demonstrated “human characteristic”. The scene in the movie that shows this is in the shop into town when he had to get medicine for this mother’s new born baby. The man asked for the babies address and everything so he could alert his friends to kill the baby. Christopher gave the man extra money, so he would not have to mention the address. Christopher showed a form moderation known as courage when going out so far into town to help the mother’s baby, considering all the killings that had been happening.

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