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Short on Guards Guards

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Guards Guards duologue A social example in Guards Guards is indicated with the authority my character Patrician holds over Vimes, Patrician is a lord and therefore deems himself as soicall6 higher than Vimes, he is extremely dismissive of Vime’s suggestion that a dragon is within the city. This suggests that he feels superior over Vime by the way he addresses him.

I am playing the roles Dibbler and Patrician they are extremely different characters, my body language will differ greatly between my two roles, I intend to use great self-assurance and self-importance when playing Patrican, as he is a lord he is deemed socially higher but with his dismissive language toward Vimes I want to show his true arrogance.

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Short on Guards Guards
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I will do this by taking large breaths to show exasperation before answering Vimes, I believe my character intends on making people around him small to make him feel more important than he is. I will portray this by noticeably only looking in Vimes’ eyes a few times during our conversation, and when he does I intend to give him patronising looks, to have him fell insignificant.

This is the way I believe my character would act.

To show versatility, I intend to make my characters extremely different, my second character Dibbler is portrayed as more of a con man therefore he is of much less social importance opposed to my other character Patrican, I will make sure my voice changes, although I intend to use the same self-assurance I will include an edge of infringement toward Vimes, as my aim is to sell him completely pointless products, I intend for my character to gain more confidence the further into the sale he gets.

Almost to the point when he becomes so exited his pitch is actually working he bursts off the seat, although my character is an extremely forward character I aim to show some reservation and respect toward Vimes as he is my captain, although not the respect he would usually require. Although both my characters give the impression they are very full of themselves I believe that I could show some elements of self-doubt in them especially when Dibbler belives his pitch is working, I want to portray that he is gauntlet supposed.

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