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Shortfin Mako Shark Research Paper The

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Shortfin Mako Shark Essay, Research Paper

The shortfin mako shark is the fastest fish in the universe. It is

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Shortfin Mako Shark Research Paper The
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capable of achieving velocities of up to 60 miles per hour. It s dark ruddy iron-rich

musculuss on the side of the shark s organic structure and particularly on the tail

enable the shark to swim at these velocities. The velocity of the mako

affects its physical features, its eating wonts, and its marauders.

The mean size of the shortfin mako shark is from 10 to 12 pess

and the largest size of all time recorded was 18 pess.

This fish weighs about

1,000 lbs. Its big heavy conico-cylindrical molded organic structure is

colored in such a manner that it blends into the openwater environment

doing them unseeable to feed. Its dorsum is a deep blue grey and its

underparts are snow white. The neb of this shark is bluffly pointed ;

this helps the shark to rush through the H2O. Its first dorsal five,

which is short starts behind the thoracic fives.

This is unusual

compared to other sharks in the mako shark s household. The anal five is

bantam compared to the dorsal five. The mako has long gill slits and

strong caudal keels. The upper and lower lobes of the caudal five are

of about equal length. The mako has big eyes and is considered

one of the most beautiful common sharks.

The mako shark is found worldwide in temperate and tropical

seas. It is found from the Gulf of Maine to the equator and is most

dumbly populated in the Gulf of Mexico. These sharks are oceanic,

yet they are on occasion found inshore. They migrate seasonally

approximately 1,550 stat mis. In the summertime, mako sharks stay comparatively

near to the shore, approximately 20 stat mis out. In the winter they migrate into

well deeper Waterss. They do this so that they can be in H2O

warmed by the gulf watercourse.

The Isurus oxyrinchus has a two twelvemonth reproduction rhythm.

Though few have been seen copulating, scientists believe that the male

makos attack the females and coerce them to copulate. They believe this

because frequently times females are found with atrocious hurts to the

dorsal and thoracic fives following coupling. Gestation takes about 12

& lt ;< br />

months and reproduction is ovoviviparous. This means that the

female parent carries the eggs internally until they are ready to hatch. While

in the uterus the embryos are oviphagous ( they feed on unfertilised

eggs ) . An mean litter consists of 10 to 12 whelps, each being about

two pess long.

The shortfin mako shark is a carnivorous animate being that feeds on

swordfish, tuna, mackerel, tuna, herring, Tarpon atlanticus, and other big fish.

Once a 120 lb swordfish was found whole, blade and all, in the

tummy of a 730 lb mako. Often times these sharks swallow

their prey whole. The long, thin, crisp dentition of the mako enable it to

catch its nimble quarry. They are smooth edged and turn in rows. The

foremost two rows are used for obtaining quarry, and the other multiple rows

are used to replace damaged of lost dentition. The astonishing velocity of this

fish besides helps it to catch its nutrient.

The mako shark s merely enemy is adult male. This fish is hunted for

athletics and used in merchandises such as the oriental daintiness, shark five

soup, and gristle pills. The mako shark is a large game fish because

of its velocity, size and the great battle it puts up when hooked. It can

leap 15 pess out of the H2O to liberate itself from the fisherman. Mako

sharks are unsafe and have attacked many worlds and little

H2O trades. Fisherman must be careful. Because the shark is

hunted so much and so frequently, some people worry about it going

endangered. There have been no corporate surveies on the mortality

or population kineticss of the mako shark, and no 1 knows how

many sharks there are in the universe. Though the mako shark has no

preservation position at this clip, the National Marine Fisheries Service

( NMFS ) presently manages this shark. The NMFS has reduced

gimmicks of the shark by commercial fishermen.

It seems all animate beings have at that place place in the ecosystem,

including the much feared mako shark. If athletics fishing continues and

the shark s population dwindles, the black effects would be felt

for all ; even adult male, which at times believes he is above nature and non a

portion of nature.

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