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Why We Should Pay College Athletes

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College athletes are some of he hardest working individuals around. Athletes have a routine that includes brutal practices, intense games, and difficult college courses. Compensation for college athletes has been a controversial subject for years. College athletes should get paid for their performance because their sport is their job. Also the players have other financial responsibilities they need to handle and their respective schools are gaining significant amounts of money from their talents, which is not right. 90 percent of revenue goes to Men’s Basketball.

They have made 10. Billion dollars in the past 14 years, yet they still don’t pay their athletes. It seems absurd to me that anyone affiliated with the program will make a profit, but not the actual players. Many coaches restrict their athletes from having jobs because it may take time away from the sport, but then how are the players supposed to make money? Regular students who don’t play sports can have jobs and make money, yet athletes don’t get paid for all the time they put into their sport, which is basically their job.

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Why We Should Pay College Athletes
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The NCAA does not want their players seen as professional athletes because they are in college.

However, some college coaches make more than professional coaches do. The average salary for a major college coach is 1. 5 million to 5 million dollars. If a college coach can get treated like a professional one than why can’t the players? It does not seem fair to them that they are not making one penny of the tremendous amount of money they are bringing into their own program. On the other side of the argument many people say it isn’t right to pay college athletes. They already have a full scholarship that pays off their college, what else do they need?

Well in reality you do need some extra cash on the side to get through the days and weeks. Since they cannot have a job or get paid from their sport, there is no spending money for them. Don’t forget that many of these athletes who play at big time schools get full scholarships so they may not have the best financial situation at home for their parents to send them cash all the time. Also many people believe that if these players do get paid then hey will not put in a big effort on the court or field because they know they will be making money either way.

I disagree with this. I believe that if the athletes get paid it will give them the motivation to play to the best of their ability, which could improve the program and even produce more money. Overall there are many more reasons why college athletes should be paid rather than not be paid. These athletes are not only students, but also employees to their universities and conferences. They are fully committed to what they do and deserve some money in return.

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