Should Nucor Adopt the CSP Process?

Cash Flow AnalysisCash flow analysis on Exhibit 1 represents net hard currency flow computation utilizing the base premise. Harmonizing to this computation. Nucor would hold net present value of $ ( 11. 99 ) million which is a negative value. This negative value on NPV indicates possible unprofitable effects after implementing SMS’s compact strip production ( CSP ) ; hence. Nucor should non put in this new engineering.

Scenario AnalysisAlternatively of utilizing the given premises. I have set two options for premise to see how the consequences are different. While everything being changeless. the first scenario ( Exhibit 2 ) assumes the growing rate of monetary value of steel be 7. 34 % instead than 6. 34 % . I assumed that the demand of steel may increase if engineering keeps bettering and the figure of companies selling steel merchandises keeps increasing and the higher demand would finally take to the higher monetary value. For the similar ground. the 2nd scenario ( Exhibit 3 ) assumes the growing rate of operating costs to be 5. 34 % alternatively of 6. 34 % . Expecting that the engineering and larning experience of companies will better in close hereafter. the operating costs would besides diminish. If growing rate of steel monetary value is increased. the NPV would be $ 57. 53 which is a positive value. If growing rate of operating costs is decreased. the NPV would be a positive value of $ 35. 42. In both instances. I would urge Nucor to follow CSP because these consequences show that new engineering would convey net incomes to Nucor.

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Strategic AnalysisHarmonizing o CFO Siege. Nucor used merely a few determination standards to reexamine and measure the viability of this investing. The first inquiry they addressed is “Will it execute technically as advertised? ” . The 2nd standard was to see if Nucor can acquire the return on assets ( ROA ) that the seller has advertised. The last 1 was to cognize if Nucor’s old capital outgo constrains its ability to be 100 % committed to the undertaking under rating. While SMS argued that CSP is supposed to take to labour and energy nest eggs and higher outputs that would cut down operating costs below of U. S integrated Millss. there is no clear grounds or scrutiny for this statement ; hence. the first standards is non yet fulfilled and Nucor is non certain about the public presentation of engineering. For the 2nd standards. Exhibit 1 shows that its twelvemonth 5 ROA is 30. 89 % . Since new workss were supposed to accomplish 25 % ROA within five old ages of start-up. and its ROA in the Exhibit 1 is higher than 25 % . the 2nd standard is fulfilled. I would propose Nucor to besides see expected NPV because it would be still difficult to reason that the undertaking will be profitable without any NPV analysis. The first scenario in Exhibit 2 shows that the investing would add more net incomes to the house with positive NPV and ROA would still stay higher than 25 % .

Hazard and Real Options AnalysisSome of the technological and market uncertainnesss Nucor is confronting are technological leapfrogging. resource restraints. pioneering costs. and trouble of incursion in the high terminal market. It is unsure that CSP engineering would execute good as advertised by SMS. Nucor besides considers resource restraints as a important fiscal hazard because it already signed the joint venture with Yamato Kogyo. The company concerns that if they took on the thin-slab undertaking now. the two undertakings would virtually co-occur. stretching the company’s fiscal and managerial resources. It is besides non clear that the procedure is non proven for commercial development. However. even though there is a possibility that other rivals. such as Mannesman-Demag. seek to leapfrog Nucor. Nucor still can utilize 10 to 12 old ages as a window of chance and it would hold competitory advantages over others and harvest in benefits by that clip. Besides Nucor might be able to procure a $ 10- $ 20 million price reduction off the $ 90 million SMS was inquiring for nucleus machinery and proficient support if it decides to be the first adoptive parent. At this point. the option to postpone would be likely the best determination that Nucor could do. It is wise determination for Nucor to wait until the expected NPV becomes positive value because it is really improbable that other houses would be willing to be a pioneering house.

RecommendationBased on the consequences from assorted analysis. I strongly recommend Nucor to postpone the option and delay for now. As described in the hard currency flow premise. NPV is a negative value which means this new investing may non be really profitable for now. Other ground to wait is because Nucor is confronting resource restraints and already running new undertaking with another company. However. implementing this new engineering would greatly assist Nucor addition sustainable competitory advantages. Even though it is non clear that the procedure itself is non proven for commercial development. it would decidedly take Nucor to capture the largest constituent of US steel sections and derive innovator advantage. This undertaking besides would ensue in capturing market for car which is one of the largest consumers of level sheet stuffs. Even if others try to follow this engineering. Nucor would hold an advantage over them if it expeditiously run workss. Like this. following this engineering is really attractive option. but need to wait small spot due to possible hazards and negative NPV. If one of the scenarios in the first analysis occurs and NPV becomes positive. Nucor decidedly need to accept the option because it would finally convey immense benefits and net incomes to the house. If decided to accept. Nucor should maintain in head to make a low-priced civilization and implement cost-saving engineerings.

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