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Letter About Zoos Sample

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I have late read your missive about menagerie which are outdated and where the animate being keepers treat the animate beings cruel. I think the article talked about merely the zoos’ bad side which is really sad but I’m sure that we can happen a batch of menagerie which shows us the antonym.

In my sentiment the menagerie can be educational because they keep alien animate beings which most of us couldn’t see in their natural environment in Asia or Africa.

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Letter About Zoos Sample
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To see a good menagerie is our lone chance to acquire to cognize some fantastic animate being like elephants. king of beastss. camelopard. zebras. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams. Hippo or other alien one.

I have to pull your attending to another of import fact. Some animate beings are really threatened by poachers and the menagerie sometimes salvage the most threatened species from extinction. These menageries are Centres of preservation and without them we would hold lose the balance of the nature.

Sometimes populating in their natural wonts would do serious dangers. The animate beings would hold to confront that people change their natural environment. The progressively turning metropoliss. roads cause large noises which together with the really bright visible radiations disturb the animate beings that lose their natural inherent aptitudes and they suffer them a batch.

I can advert the campaign parks excessively where the animate beings live in their natural environment in their ain clime. they can run and engender in safety and people can see them whenever.

I think in most of the menagerie the menagerie proprietors try to verify the good intervention because the visitants dislike to see ill or bad treated animate beings.

I recommend you some articles which talk about the menagerie advantages and I hope they could alter your sentiment.

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