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Skincare Persuasive

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So today, you will learn bout skin cancer, what you can do in order to prevent it, and why you should protect yourself from it. II. So, what is skin cancer? In basic terms skin cancer, is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells. The good thing about skin cancer though, it is very easy to identify and can be eradicated easily if found in its early stages. Now you may be wondering what you need to look out for and what are some major causes of skin cancer.

A. Types of Skin Cancer: Melanoma b.

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Skincare Persuasive
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What are some causes? What are some risk factors? I. ABUSIVE exposure*, tanning beds & salons, exposure to certain chemicals, high amounts of x-ray exposure, genetics I. Having fair skin, blond or red hair iii. If you get sunburned easily iv. Having many moles, freckles or birthmarks c. What are some warning signs? V. The Abscess of Melanoma d. Statistics, facts and figures Ill. There are many ways to prevent skin cancer.

Such as… Tanning, especially tanning beds b. Limit time out in the sun a.

Avoid c. Wear sunscreen and reapply when needed-?SSP of 15 or higher Wear sun protective clothing-?hats, sunglasses e. Seek shade f. Self Examination, ask doctor IV. Why should we protect ourselves from skin cancer? D. G. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States; about 2 lion people are diagnosed in the US alone, that’s more than all of the other cancers combined! 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, and every 62 minutes Melanoma takes another life.

Just one severe sunburn, especially early in life increases your likelihood of developing skin cancer in the future. H. Although it is the most diagnosed form of cancer, it is also the most preventable! Why would we not take steps to protect ourselves from skin cancer? V. Conclusion: Now that you have learned a little bit about skin cancer and skin cancer prevention, my wish for you is that you take what I eve told you seriously and that you consider how you can take this information to your everyday life.

Start protecting yourself from the sun, avoid things that may cause skin cancer, watch out for early warning signs and tell your friends to do the same. Skin cancer is preventable, yet it is the most common cancer. Together we can change this. Together we can lower those numbers and protect ourselves from this potentially fatal disease. Don’t be the one to look back on your life and wish that you had done something to prevent this from happening to you. This is serious… This is your health. This is your life. Protect it.

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