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Turning up. I had a different experience than others. I grew up as a military terror. which allowed me to travel to different parts of the Earth and exposed me to different civilizations. I think that because I grew up with this life. it allowed me to be a portion of many sociological experiences. I was born in the United States. South Dakota to be specific. and have besides lived in Arizona. California. and Washington. I have besides lived in two other states. Japan and Italy. Of class life in another state comes with the civilization daze. I moved to Italy in 2000 so the memories are non every bit fresh as they used to be in my caput. But I can retrieve my first experiences when I foremost got at that place. I remember waking up at unnatural hours in the center of dark because of jet slowdown. We stayed above a eating house. which is where my existent Italian nutrient experience came from. To this twenty-four hours. no Italian nutrient eating house in the United States can compare to the gustatory sensation and genuineness of the nutrient in Italy.

When I have to compare the clip I spent at that place in a sociological position. I would compare it to an interactionist and functionalist position. It would be interactionist because symbols are used everyplace. Whether it had to make with athleticss. nationality. or authorities. if you spent adequate clip in the country you became acquainted with these symbols whether you were American or Italian. The functionalist position is valid here because where I lived was a non a large metropolis. so because it is a military metropolis. it relies on its military community to lend to its economic system by sing its shops and eating at their eating houses. It creates a closer and good standing relationship with the military households who live at that place with the people who are native to the state. In Japan. you could compare the same positions. But in footings of similarities. the civilizations were wholly different. Alternatively of sing the barter meets or street markets in Italy. you would travel to the fish marketplace or some sort of festival that was traveling on in Japan. I think that Japan’s civilization is a batch more seeable than anyplace I have seen before.

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Though the relationship with the armed forces in the country is good. they are a batch stricter with the effects. For illustration. if you happened to acquire into a auto accident and fluid from the auto such as oil got into a farm field. the individual in the accident would hold to counterbalance the husbandmans for their harvests until their field was pure once more. Besides. there is no 100 % mistake in a auto accident. so you besides want to stay more cognizant while driving. Sociology is portion of everyone’s day-to-day modus operandi. whether they realize it or non. It could be acquiring ready for you twenty-four hours on the intelligence. or driving on your manner to work. it could merely be the exchange of currency for money to acquire your forenoon java. to running through the thrust thru on your manner place from work. I have merely merely begun in how to place current sociological forms that happen around me. but as my surveies continue I hope to be able to larn more about them and what else the universe has to learn me.

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