Pathophysiology Case Study Sample


Diabetess is a metabolic disease status characterized by addition in blood glucose degree. It is a chronic disease that affects both immature and old. It besides affects pregnant adult females. a status known as ( Gestational diabetes ) . Due to its chronic nature. diabetes is one of the diseases listed to do shot and cardiac diseases. However. with good nutrition. physical activity and weight loss. diabetes can be prevented and controlled thereby take downing associated diabetes complications like diabetic retinopathy. limb amputation due to necrose and infection caused by diabetes because in diabetes. wound healing is delayed and kidney failure ( Tuomi. T. ( 2005 ) . Hence. the intent of this paper is to supply the sum-up of the diabetes disease procedure. diagnostic tool and the intercession.

Summary of the disease procedure

Diabetess occurs when the beta cells which are located inside the islets of langerhans usually found in pancreas fail to bring forth insulin due to disfunction ( CDC. 2010 ) Diabetes is a chronic disease that need proper medical attending and patient ego direction cognition because it can deteriorate other organic structure systems.

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Diabetess can be classified as Type 1 ( insulin dependant ) ; Type 1 diabetes occurs when the organic structure fails to execute insulin production map and it affects kids and immature grownup but with insulin therapy. they can easy be treated. Type 2 ( Non – insulin dependant ) . this type occurs when the organic structure cells failure to respond to personify insulin and it affects bulk instances of diabetes patients ( CDC. 2010 ) but with proper nutrition and good control. harm to the organic structure systems can be prevented.

Diagnostic tool

Harmonizing to current research on grounds based diagnostic tool. the doctors use HbAic blood trial to name pre diabetes and diabetes. This blood trial done after every 3 months helps to find how good patient is commanding his or her blood sugar degrees ( bar research group. 2002 ) it has come to clear decision that new grounds based research is utilizing AIC trials as a research lab tool for naming the patient with diabetes.

ADAG uses mathematical equation that may be used in change overing the AIC trial consequences to estimated mean glucose and they were successful in coming up with the thoughts. This survey of utilizing AIC consequence could be expressed as an estimated norm glucose utilizing the mathematical equation. Based on ADAG current research. they come up with the thoughts of comparing the AIC values for each patient. together with day-to-day glucose reading for two yearss and in four times a twenty-four hours ( Nathan. M. et Al. ( 2008 )

There are other diagnostic steps and tools for diabetes and such are. Urine Trial: this method of proving has been the commonest method of sugar proving. this can be done by comparing the colour charts to observe the sum of glucose in the piss by dunking clinistix in urine specimen nevertheless it is non accurate sometimes although it simple and fast to read. Post prandial trial: this can be done after patient has eaten nutrient.

Blood trial: this procedure is when blood is drawn from patient arm after fasting. when patient has non eaten for 8 hours or before breakfast ( Tuomi. T. ( 2005 ) Oral glucose trial: this is when blood draw is done before or after patient has drank sweet sirup or sugar. Comparing to all the diagnostic tool in mensurating for diabetes. AIC trial still remains the unequivocal diagnostic tool in mensurating for diabetes because this best norm system is really easy for the patients and the physicians to understand. harmonizing to current research ( American Diabetes Association. 2010 )

Intervention to pull off diabetes

Diabetess is a disease which needs proper intercession. With an grounds based diagnostic tools and good intercession. the diabetes can be controlled and managed safely in order to forestall any complications that might originate as a consequence of diabetes. Harmonizing to centre for disease control. to be active at least 30 proceedingss or more day-to-day aid to cut down blood glucose degree in type 2 diabetic patient because physical activity promotes weight loss and corpulent patient are linked to type 2 diabetes ( CDC. 2010 )

Good nutritionary diets play a important function in diabetes direction. the recent survey encourages diabetic patient to eat more fresh fruits. veggies. 2 gms sodium diet and whole grains as this will assist them to stabilise their blood sugar degrees. Corpulent patient are encouraged to lose weight. harmonizing to recent research conducted by ADAG. keeping a healthy weight is important in diabetes direction. Diabetic patient are encouraged to take their medicines as prescribed by doctor because sudden break in medicine conformity can impact blood sugar degree in diabetic patient.

Family and friend support aid to actuate diabetic patient and it is really of import to seek aid when one feel stressed out or down. Diabetic patient are encouraged to fall in diabetes back up group like diabetes wellness sense. National institute of diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases and National diabetes education plan. It is of import to make day-to-day pick test and cheque for anybody cut and study suitably because in diabetes. wound healing is delayed. It is besides of import to follow up the dental test to look into for any dentitions or gums jobs. Blood trial and urine trial for kidney jobs should be done annually to observe if there is any complications associated with diabetes ( Tuomi. T. ( 2005 ) .


The consequence from the survey helps the doctor to hold better apprehension of AIC glucose degree. Doctors are encouraged to associate the AIC steps with the day-to-day measurings on the glucometer ( ADA. 2010 ) this recent survey and research evaluate the significance of AIC degrees for people with undiagnosed diabetes. The grounds based diagnostic tool and intercession cut down the diabetic population in the state and with recent diagnostic tool and intercession. diabetes can be efficaciously managed and prevented.


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