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Ducati Case Study Sample

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    Ducati is an Italian racing-motorcycle maker whose merchandises are characterized by alone engine characteristics, advanced design, advanced technology and overall proficient excellence. In its 80 old ages of history, the company has won eleven of the last 13 World Superbike Championship rubrics and many more single triumphs. Ducati produces bikes in four market sections that vary in their proficient and design characteristics and intended clients: Superbike, Super-sport, Monster and Sport Touring. Despite its success in rushing and merchandises, the company went about bankrupt in 1996 when it was taken over by Texas Pacific Group. The company experienced a really successful turnaround between 1996 and 2001 with the aid of the new CEO Federico Minoli. Under his leading, the company strengthened the trade name ( including the constitution of the Ducati Museum ) , boosted research and development, introduced new theoretical accounts and outsourced to a great extent. Today, Ducati is faced with another challenge that may convey luck to the company if successfully managed. Ducati is sing assailing Harley Davidson by come ining the patrol car market, which is Harley Davidson’s niche merchandise and besides a really profitable market section in the industry. To make this, Ducati must put 17 million Euro and cost of 26 million Euros. Based on this immense capital demand, should Ducati come in the new market section or should Ducati merely concentrate on its current section? Industry Analysis

    Company AnalysisFiscal public presentationDucati has a good fiscal public presentation from 1997 to 2001. It has a quickly gross growing from 196 million in 1997 to 422 million in 2001 ( Exhibit 1 ) and it besides kept EBITDA border about 20 % from 1997 to 2001 ( Exhibit 1 ) , which meets the ends that sustain the explosive double-digit net income growing in the following decennary and finally make Harley Davison’s net income degree. Three factors contributed to the increased Ducati’s entire gross: foremost, Ducati entered the Sport-Touring section, which targeted the new client base, and introduced new theoretical accounts into each class. Second Ducati started the concern in accoutrements and what’s more the trade name repute and the trade name trueness of Ducati’s clients increased due to the advertisement and events. On the other manus, Ducati implemented an aggressive outsourcing policy to minimising fixed plus investings and cost of goods sold. Ducati kept increasing the outsourcing rate since 1996. It even planned to force to 90 % , which was much higher than the mean outsourcing rate within the industry in 2001. Hence it was able to keep EBITDA border about 20 % . Market public presentation

    Although the Ducati relevant market was dominated by the Nipponese companies, Ducati performed moderately good Ducati’s market portion was by and large increasing from 3.9 % in 1996 to 6.7 % in 2000 worldwide and from 4.3 % in 1996 to 7.0 % in 2000 in Europe. What’s more, Ducati has established a alone place in the mention market due to the featuring career of the trade name, against a background of clear merchandise specialisation by other industries. Schemes Analysis

    Core SchemeDucati uses distinction scheme as many other companies within the bike industry. Therefore, all companies compete with each other by bring forthing the best quality bike. Ducati’s alone concern theoretical account and nucleus activities helped to bring forth Ducati’s manner of quality bikes chiefly concentrating athletics sector. One of Ducati’s nucleus schemes is that Ducati to a great extent outsources its production compared to its rivals. By making this, Ducati is able to cut down fixed plus investing, and chiefly concentrate on merchandise design, development and quality control. To guarantee its merchandise quality, Ducati collaborated with a figure of the well-known houses such as Ferrari, Lombardini, Motori, etc, and formed the “Engine Technology District” . Besides Ducati is really rigorous on choosing providers. Since providers play cardinal functions in supplying quality bike constituents to the company, Ducati selected different providers for each constituent. Another nucleus scheme that Ducati has is the distribution system. This scheme chiefly helps Ducati to make a criterion and incorporate Ducati designed concern theoretical account for all traders and subordinates to maintain the aroma and the civilization of Ducati alive and therefore addition the value of the trade name name. The 3rd Ducati’s nucleus scheme is the alone production development and R & A ; D procedure. Ducati created two research centres, the Cagiva Research Center and the Ducati Design centre. Through market research andncustomer feedback, Ducati managed to better their engineering and design. What’s more, The World of Ducati is a scheme that helps the development and betterment of the value of the trade name through a set of activities. Operation Strategy

    Ducati merely keep the of import activities of the production lines, which is the nucleus competence of the company such as the R & A ; D, design, quality control and constructing their ain grouch instances and cylinder caput. Ducati keeps a web of little and average specialised maker for their bikes that reduces the cost of stock list and enable the usage of the Just-in-Time stock list system. Porter Generic Schemes

    Target market coverageAdvantage

    Low cost schemeMerchandise singularityBroad ( Industry )Cost leading schemeDifferentiation SchemeNarrow ( market )Low cost focal point schemeDifferentiation Focus StrategyBased on the porter’s generic scheme, Ducati and Harley Davidson are utilizing distinction scheme where the monetary value of the merchandise is non much of the concern to the seller. Ducati is accent on the engineering promotion on their merchandise and selling their trade name name instead than selling their merchandise at a lower monetary value for competitory advantage. The same goes for Harley Davidson which accent on the merchandise quality and the civilization of siting Harley Davidson Bike In the section both Ducati and Harley choose and attributes that many purchasers perceive as of import, and unambiguously places it to run into those demands Recommendation

    Ducati must either take to perforate the patrol car market or merely concentrate on current section. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. The disadvantages for Ducati to come in the patrol car sections are that Ducati must do heavy capital investing for a new merchandise design and R & A ; D ; Harley-Davison already dominates the section ; Harley-Davison’s clients are well loyal ; affect company’s trade name trueness ; clip consuming ; unpredictable economic status. The advantages for Ducati to come in the patrol car sections are section enlargement and market portion addition. The disadvantage of concentrating on bing section is losing the alteration of possible enlargement. The advantage of concentrating on bing section are that hazard decrease ; better client service and support to bing loyal clients ; prolong current trade name name and strategic strength ; go on increasing brand’s trueness. Based on the above analysis, Ducati should non come in the patrol car market. Although, come ining the patrol car market is a possible option, there is no demand for Ducati to come in the market based on current public presentation degree. For the past five old ages, Ducati experienced growing without a uncertainty. This was possible because of its strong trade name name and civilization that increased the figure of Ducati’s fan loyal clients.

    Ducati should merely concentrate and put more on the bing section. Ducati besides has its ain manner of scheme that makes it dominant in athletics motorcycle section merely like Harley- Davidson has in the patrol car section. Ducati should prolong its scheme and beef up even more so no 1 can of all time perforate into the athletics section. This is the optimal option because it reduces the hazard and helps Ducati to back up the bing clients and hence increase their trueness even more. For Minoli, I recommend that Minoli leave Ducati and happen a replacement for two grounds. The first is that it is better to go forth the company when the CEO tries all his best and complete his undertaking because people can non accommodate to every new state of affairs. It is better to Ducati to alter a new CEO. Secondly, based on the state of affairs of Ducati, Minoli’s aggressive schemes are non suited and Ducati should concentrate on its nucleus section right now.

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