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Philippines are one of the states which are bring forthing big figure of nursing alumnuss. Not merely nursing alumnuss but besides registered nurses. Nurses hold the bulk of places in most wellness attention scenes. and replacing of accredited forces is dearly-won and clip consuming. A Filipino nurses have been known to be among the most caring nurses in the universe. The accomplishments. Valuess. Interest. Personality Traits and manners. Knowledge. educational and training Experience. and ends or merely we called the personal profile. and besides the Academic and work public presentation of a nurses has a great affect which lead to the extremely industrialised states salute the nurses we produce. Good work public presentation of nurse can better quality of wellness services. Many nurses and nursing pupils have a desire to work overseas where the wage is better and they feel compensated for their difficult work.

The intents of this survey are to analyze differences in work public presentation among professional groups including nurses. allied infirmary professionals. and to place specific features of occupation satisfaction of nurses.

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STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThe survey aimed to find the personal profile. Academic and work public presentation among nursing alumnus of UPH-DJGTMU. Minor Problem:Specifically. the survey seeks to find the undermentioned inquiry. 1. What is the personal profile of nursing alumnus onto? 1. 1 Highest educational attainment1. 2 Year Graduated1. 3 Present Position1. 4 Length of work experience1. 4. 1 Related to nursing1. 4. 2 Not Related to Nursing. Specify ______2. What is the academic public presentation of nursing alumnus?3. What is the work public presentation of the nursing alumnus as evaluated by their immediate supervisor?4. Is there a important relationship between the academic and work public presentation of nursing alumnus.5. Is there a important difference between the work public presentations when grouped harmonizing to personal profile?

STATEMENT OF THE HYPOTHESESOn the footing of the jobs proposed in the survey. the undermentioned hypotheses will be formulated: 1.


This survey was chiefly concerned in the different factor that influences the work public presentation among nursing alumnus in UPH-DJGTMU.This survey will be limited to registered nurses graduated at UPH-DJGTMU batch __________ .

Significance OF THE STUDY

This survey could be great significance to the undermentioned people:To the respondent. the Nurses this survey will give them a wide cognition about the different factor property to Job Satisfaction.To the research workers. this survey could give them the baseline informations information. thoughts. construct and generalisation which could be a greater importance in transporting their undertaking efficaciously and satisfactorily.

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