The Personality of Caesar

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To begin, Brute’s speech was formal and more directed to the Romans. In his introduction he starts with “Romans, countrymen, and lovers! ” This was used to join everyone together and later help him justify Career’s death. Throughout the text he describes Caesar as an “ambitious” man. Calling Caesar ambitious makes it seem that Caesar only thought about himself.

On the hand, Antonym speech was more personal and sarcastic. In contrary to Brutes he opens his speech with “Friends, Romans, countrymen… “. This sets up his later statements of being Career’s friend. Throughout his speech, he uses paralysis and repetition to poke at Brutes but at the same time save Caesar reputation. Specifically, Antonym repeatedly used the word “honorable” to describe Brutes. The effect of this was that he was contradicting Brute’s speech. A paralysis is a device used to draw attention to something while claiming to ass it over.

There are two examples of this one is “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. ” But throughout the speech he praises Caesar and what he as done. Another example is “l speak not to disprove what Brutes spoke, But here I am to speak what do know. “, although he talks good about Caesar and what he has done for Rome, in contrary to what Brutes said. While comparing the two speeches I have found that Antonym speech was more persuasive. He made points to contrast what Brutes said in his speech about Caesar.

He says that Brutes was wrong, and he put a new spin on it. For instance, Brutes says “Had you rather Caesar was living and die all slaves… ” Which was countered by Antonym. It was countered by Antonym saying that Caesar felt deeply for his people and that he was a very humble kindhearted person.

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