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Spent Spent Currently, we teenagers have money from our parent’s for tasty food we eat, for fashion clothes we wear and especially, for extremely expensive college education we enjoy. Is there anything wrong with that? Of course not. However, imagine that you lose your house; if you are a single parent; if you are one of 14 million unemployed people; if there is only 1000 dollars in your bank account. How can you survive in this contemporary high-pressure life?

If you are concerned about above questions, welcome to SPENT, which is basically a word game. During the game, you may be asked to imagine yourself in above resistances and answer several questions related to those tragedy situations. There will be feedback of your answer including correctness and some related knowledge or experience. That meaner you can learn something while playing a game. Although the game maybe blamed by baldness process and lack of imagery, I still strongly recommend that you should have a try since it’s really educational.

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Choices matter. Sometimes, life is such a merciless game that only one wrong decision may destroy whole life. In SPENT, we’re supposed to make many choices, from the Job-selection: to be a low-paid but more flexible waiter or a high-paid but ore rigid warehouse worker, to insurance-decision: pay for expensive but effective insurance or take risk and ignore insurance fees. SPENT is a game about choice. Every single choice may incur an unexpected outcome.

For example, if you choose to buy a high quality insurance that may cover more medical items, but you may suffer from $279 monthly premium subtracted from only $1200 monthly income; if you choose to purchase a low quality insurance or even don’t buy any insurance at all, maybe you can save huge money in short term, but you may suffer from potential disease uncovered, which may make you broke in an instance. Some questions offered by SPENT are even beyond the economy things.

What’s your choice between the finance balance and your children’s request of new sports shoes; when you face the divorce or the death of your lover, would you keep going to make a living or Just sink into the sorrow? Those choices maybe too hard for our teenagers, but unfortunately, they are parts of life. So when you are facing it, what would be your choice, which will be a necessary question you must consider a lot in advance. However, the imagery of the game is not that good. Whole game is Just one after another question with boring words.

Lack of dynamic imagery makes the game monotonous and inflexible, which may causes player lost interest on the game during playing and quit game before they accomplish the whole process, and thus lost the chance to get more knowledge. Although it is really a tiny and simple flash game, but you can get a totally different experience through it which you have no way to get from other nice-visual effect games. The most important thing you should know about this game is you can learn some useful knowledge that can be utilized to future life.

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