Comparing My Summers in New Jersey to My Time Spent in North Carolina

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I’m a city girl at heart; the night lights and day drama always grabbed hold of me as I walked the streets of East Orange, New Jersey. On the other hand, North Carolina never gave me the adrenaline that New Jersey offered. I went to school in North Carolina, andl stayed every summer in New Jersey. New Jersey and North Carolina both have beautiful wildlife scenery, but New Jersey has more recreational benefits, educational opportunities, and is has a more diverse community.

While staying in New Jersey I was able to attend free swim classes, attend a community cheerleading camp, and go to the local gym free of charge. The community helped feed kids doing the summer by having cookouts once a month. In addition to the cookouts, a church came to get the children every Friday and Saturday and fed them after religious services. In contrast, North Carolina has only recently begun to offer these programs, but some have so much red tape that most people give up before they ever get to an application or permission slip. North Carolina has the southern hospitality feel, but have yet to come together as a community for their youth like New Jersey demonstrates.

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Another advantage New Jersey has against North Carolina is their educational programs and benefits. New Jersey community and government official put education first; their schools have fresh science labs, textbooks, and computers. Conversely, North Carolina schools still run 97 Microsoft in most schools, and use the same books used generations ago. New Jersey offers college courses beginning in 7th grade; unlike North Carolina, where onehas to be approved by a counselor and then accepted by the community college they desire to attend. When I wanted help with my 9th grade school work they gave me free tutoring and I didn’t have to wait weeks unlike my school in North Carolina.

To finish, New Jersey has a very diverse community. My summers there I met all types of people; I gain knowledge of Haitians, Asian, Arabian, British, and even some Africans. In all my years of staying in North Carolina I have never met the type of people, or the amount of people I’ve met in New Jersey. In New Jersey these people have whole communities where they practice their cultures and religion as if the where in their own country. On the other hand, in North Carolina one might see a Chinese here or there, or an Arabian at the corner gas station, but, in my opinion, North Carolina still struggle with black/white racism in many parts and is not ready open to foreigners like Northern States have.

I wouldn’t trade my country farm and hunting dogs for a townhouse and the 5’0 clock rush, because they both have their benefits and downfalls. My heart stills remain with New Jersey for the simple fact that I’m an opportunist. North Carolina has never given me the advantages that New Jersey offered, but it has helped me to be grateful for the recreational opportunities, educational programs, and culture diversity I was able receive while I stayed in New Jersey.

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