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The author argues that athletics brings out the best in people through four key reasons: teaching important life skills and discipline, building integrity and providing an escape from difficulties, teaching leadership, and offering a way to cope with personal struggles. The author believes that sports teach individuals to become leaders, develop discipline, work hard, and foster teamwork. Additionally, sports can provide a constructive outlet for individuals to focus their energy and emulate role models. The author concludes that sports are essential in molding individuals to become the best they can be and those who do not participate in athletics will suffer a disadvantage.

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I think that athletics brings out the best in people through four chief grounds. It teaches of import life accomplishments and subject. Builds integrity and provides flight from other difficuilties. This helps determine the person as a individual and helps them be the best they can be.


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Sports Teachs leading. Leadership is necessary and of import in our civilization. Sports train people to be leaders. whether as athleticss stars or as leaders in their communities and schools. Life is a series of wins and losingss. Sports Teach people the art of going a gracious victor and also-ran and how to manage either circumstance. Peoples besides learn to put ends.


Sports Teachs subject. For the same ground parents send irresponsible kids to military school to larn subject. athleticss teaches the accomplishments necessary to go a responsible grownup. In order to work decently. squad members must larn to be on clip to pattern and games. To be the best. they must develop their organic structures. musculuss and heads to run into the physical. mental and emotional demands of the occupation at manus. This frequently means excess gym clip. more weights and a restricted diet. Sports Teachs persons to work hard.


Sports build integrity among a group of people forcing toward a specific end. They may non hold anything in common beside their love of the game. and that entirely pull them together. Like any relationship. athleticss Teachs teamwork. An jock is no longer a single unit but portion of a whole. Sports forces people to cover with different personalities and dispositions. An illustration of this of which we all know was the TC Williams Titans of 1971 they were united together despite their racial diffirences through Football.


Sports provide flight for pupils wrestling with the troubles of life. Teenss frequently struggle with place fortunes. classs and bouldery hereafters. Playing a athletics is a get bying mechanism. It allows them to impart energy and concentrate on something they love and excel at. It is besides a constructive undertaking to maintain them on the tribunals and Fieldss and off from fortunes that could acquire them in problem. Sports give them function theoretical accounts to emulate and follow. Sports show them that anything is possible because those who win come from all walks of life. A good illustration of this is Michael Oher. Oher was one of 12 kids born to Denise Oher. His female parent was an alcoholic and ace cocaine nut. and his male parent. Michael Jerome Williams. was often in prison. Due to his upbringing. he received small attending and subject during his childhood. He found flight from these problems through the athletics of football in his young person and this stopped him from stoping up like his female parent. Michael was finally drafted into the NFLto the Baltimore Ravens and is still a strong participant now. He has even written a book about his life called the Blind Side. now a film.

These four points mold the person into being the best they can perchance be. Sport is an essentual portion of life and anyone who doesn’t play a athletics will greatly endure with a major disadvantage.

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