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The author describes their first few weeks at SFU as challenging due to the struggle to keep up with the workload and adapt to new learning methods. They found solace in study groups and online tutors. The workload increased unexpectedly in new classes and the author felt separated from old friends and their partying habits. However, they enjoyed a fun-filled summer that made it challenging to focus on school in the beginning. Eventually, the author realized the importance of their goals and focused on their studies. They set a personal goal and achieved high marks, finding a new dedication to their studies.

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The first few hebdomads at SFU were hard. Scrambling to acquire from category to category. seeking to concentrate at talks with 300 other pupils and being pressured with once unobserved tonss of prep. I tried to maintain up with university life. Alien learning methods confused me as talks were long and classes feverish.

Study groups and internet coachs were life rescuers. New categories bought on unexpected work tonss. three times my usual sum. Segregated from old friends and old partying wonts. I felt my life to be really deadening yet filled invariably with pandemonium and prep.

The summer post-secondary was amazing. Parties. Mexico and parties in Mexico filled my holiday. My friends and I were good past “carefree” ; we partied without fussing and acted without believing. Unfortunately. I had become accustomed to this life and remaining at place every dark was. at first. really disputing. My new duty to school made turning down people when they asked for me to travel out with them hard. I was a “social butterfly” . but had clipped my ain wings.

Now destines to populate without freedom. a captive of my ain aspirations. I pushed all pretentious ideas out of my head and focused on the undertaking at manus – school. I thought that if I could merely acquire my grade. life would be so much easier.

With concentrating on school in head. I set out to accomplish my end. Analyzing difficult and cut off from a life of parties and insouciance. I decided to achieve. excitingly for the first clip. a personal end I had set for myself.

Approaching the terminal of my first semester at SFU. I eventually got in a channel ; I no longer felt the demand to blow my clip with eternal partying. for my clip was far more utile being used sagely for constructive intents. Achieving high Markss so far. I am certain I can prolong my classs with my new-found dedication.

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