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What brings out the best in me

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Every person in this world is in a constant battle with themselves to find out that one special thing that brings the best out of them or that allows them to utilize their talent to its utmost potential. I’m no different than all of the others as I myself have given a lot of thought on this matter and honestly speaking it was very difficult at first to identify that one thing that allowed me to be at my best.

At first I use to think that while playing sports I was at my best as I usually was amongst the best in my nearest friends and colleague’s with whom I used to play but having said that there was great competition amongst us and it always felt as if we were playing as professional players rather than just for fun.As time passed on and I grew older and my friends circle increased I realized that sports was not having the same impact on my life and personality as it did before and I also felt that unlike before sports was not bringing the best out of me as I became reluctant to put in my full effort while I was playing and now whenever we use to play it was just to pass our time and that zeal and competitiveness was absent.

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What brings out the best in me
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This sudden lack of interest in sports forced to me ponder over this question “what brings the best out of me”.I could’nt find the answer to this for quiet a while but I always use to think about it in my spare time and whenever I got a chance to find that one true thing that really allowed me to be at my best. As I was in higher grades now my main focus was in studies and I use to spend the majority of my time on studies.The interesting dilemma was that I never enjoyed studies and was always reluctant to study for any test or exam but what kept me going was that I always use to give importance to studies as I always and still believe that quality education is important for a successful and better future. During this time I noticed that whenever I was challenged I excelled and it was the same scenario that I use to experience when my interest in sports was still there and when use to challenge each other by being as competitive as we could possibly be.

Here I realized that it was no particular activity that brought the best out of me but whenever I was challenged that was the time when I use to give by best performance. Since that day I have tried to take part in all those activities that have been a challenge for me and I have tried to set higher and new goals so that I challenge myself to the utmost limit so that I am able to perform with the full and utmost ability bestowed onto me by God. Keeping in mind my ability to be at my best when I am challenged I have applied to LUMS in order to seek more challenges by being amongst the best students and faculty in Pakistan,by applying to LUMS I have set myself higher and more difficult goals and my target would be to achieve them with the help and guidance of the administration and faculty here at LUMS.

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