Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Case Sample


From the start. the amalgamation announced November 2. 2009. looked good on paper. Stanley Works agreed to purchase Black & A ; Decker for stock valued at a 22 per centum premium in exchange with $ 3. 6 billion in its stock. That was justified because Stanley got direction and board control. and its stockholders were to have more than half of the stock. with the 50. 5 % of the stock in the combined company.

This instance non merely explores stockholder value creative activity and transportation chances in amalgamation and acquisition minutess. it besides invites an scrutiny of corporate administration issues environing CEO compensation. More of import. the sum Stanley was paying above Black & A ; Decker’s market capitalisation was dwarfed by the value of cost cuts promised by the trade. These. of class. were no certain thing ; accomplishing them depended wholly on direction doing them go on.

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Business background and SWOT Analysis

The Stanley plants was a manus tool company founded in 1843 while the Black & A ; Decker was a power tool company established in 1910. Since the companies operated in similar lines of concern. they had sporadically discussed a strategic combination in long term. Although amalgamation treatments had occurred in the early 1980s. the late eightiess and once more in the early 1990s. it successful announced the good intelligence in 2009.

SWOT analysis will give an apprehension of the internal and external factors that are act uponing the current concern and industry. Based upon information provided in the instance. it appears that new combined corporation has an copiousness of strengths. with minimum failings. that are presently impacting the company. There are several chances that the company could use to potentially increase grosss and aid keep a competitory advantage in the market. With the current menaces of the economic system and rivals. some of the chances may supply extra ways for Stanley Black & A ; Decker . Along with the amalgamation green goods and development of company. the direction was expected to salvage $ 350 million yearly. What’s more. extremely accretive dealing consequences in about $ 5. 00 of EPS in twelvemonth.

Cost Synergies Risk

In the instance. the combined company was expected to salvage $ 350 million yearly. which would be achieved over three old ages at a cumulative erstwhile restructuring cost of $ 400 million. Harmonizing to the Exhibit 1. we got that the $ 400 million would be spent on 4 parts over three old ages below.

  1. Fabrication and Distribution
  2. Buying
  3. Corporate Operating expense
  4. Business Unit and Regional Integration

Through investing in above 4 countries after amalgamation. first of all. the new combined company consolidates works footmark and distribution web development. Second. Stanley Black & A ; Decker house purchases much more direct and indirect stuffs and spends more on transit than before they are runing individually. In add-on. as the beginning of amalgamation. new company’s direction and gross revenues force integrating and regional shared service consolidation cost much money.

As director of Stanley Black & A ; Decker estimated. it was expected to salvage $ 350 million yearly over three old ages if those above synergism would really work in pattern. The company can acquire cost economy in distribution web consolidation. stuffs passing. transit cost and direction. These. of class. were no certain thing ; accomplishing them depended wholly on direction doing them go on.

The director might confront the tonss of cost synergisms risk in operation after amalgamation. First of all. because of different fabricating modal and distribution channel. the cost of consolidation in world may be cost much than estimation or the consolidation effect is non really perfect due to both original companies had already established a adulthood merchandise line in long history.

Second. although the amalgamation would convey immense economic graduated table advantage and selling additions to new combined house. the Stanley Black & A ; Decker has to confront other ferocious competitions in this industries and even the confederation of other competition in term of buying stuffs and gross revenues in order to against the amalgamation of Stanley Works and Black & A ; Decker. What’s more. as we can see in the Exhibit 1. the concern and regional consolidation cost economy is biggest over permanent twelvemonth. So. I think the consolidation of companies’ concern direction scheme and concern operating civilization are the biggest hazard to suit the mark cost-saving ends.

Other Hazard

Followed by above treatment. there are a figure of concern hazards in operation. which besides would impact the ability to acknowledge targeted cost salvaging plan. For illustration. the current or even the future economic state of affairs should be taken into history when we talk about the company operating activities. As we have experienced. the economic system is non good for all of industries in 2009 until to today because of fiscal crisis. which would inevitable impact the gross revenues and gross of Stanley Black & A ; Decker. Besides. as the turning of combined company. I think Stanley Black & A ; Decker have to pay more attending to the purchase hazard.

Merger Announcements of Synergies Effect

When it comes to the expected synergisms. I think that disclosing is better than non. First of all. I think that unwraping of information. peculiar those amalgamation information. is the duty of house as a public company. When the information of those synergisms are unwraping. both the populace and the employee can understand and function the company better. It is non avoid that our existent get from unwrap differ than estimations. In pattern. those difference affect stockholder invest penchant and employee working attitude.


In general. amalgamation is non a simple thing in term of accomplishing a targeted end under companies’ consolidation traveling through from concern civilization to the all of inside informations in operation. In the instance. the combined company was expected to salvage $ 350 million yearly. which would be achieved over three old ages at a cumulative erstwhile restructuring cost of $ 400 million. On the other manus. the new combined company has to stand tonss of cost synergisms hazard and concern hazard.

In add-on I think the ground that the amalgamation gone through this clip is that the economic system state of affairs is non good in 2009 which evidently make the amalgamation go on in order to construct a strong and large tool company to against the crisis in this period. Besides. I think the attractive compensation program for officers is another ground to carry on this amalgamation. If non merely were I a stockholder of Stanley and Black & A ; Decker direction.

I would prefer to this amalgamation. First. as the stockholder of Stanley. I really pay more attending to the EPS information. which would make $ 5. 00 as director expected. Second. as the direction of Black & A ; Decker. I can non decline the compensation program offered by Stanley which seems really just.

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