Sample Statement Of Purpose – Mechanical Engineering Essay

The knowledge acquired in schools and colleges, I believe is not an education, but the means to it. It is this belief that makes me ‘a student to the end of my days’: the obvious direction being curiosity towards exploration. One of the memories of my childhood I deeply cherish is that of my first day in school. I distinctly remember my eyes watering as my parents bade me good-bye leaving me in an alien environment. We were made to draw pictures of familiar objects, my teacher recited rhymes in a soothing voice and by the end of the day I began to love school.

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Sample Statement Of Purpose – Mechanical Engineering
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I was fortunate to have begun with a good early education and as I grew, my interests and ability were inclined towards the physical nature of the universe. Science unraveled many a mystery for me math challenged me and gave me joy. Learning itself became key to my life. My respect for education and inclination towards applied science drove me to opt for math, physics and chemistry in my higher secondary education.

After completing my high school, I felt that Engineering would be the area, which would give me the opportunity to learn and explore how the fundamentals of science are applied to create technology for practical and real purposes.

Moreover, my innate strengths have always been creative abilities and the power of imagination; which made me take up a discipline that would allow me to channel them in the best possible way. Thus, Mechanical engineering was a direct consequence of my convictions. Subjects like Manufacturing Process, CAD/CAM, Metal cutting & Machine Tool Engineering, Machine Design, Industrial Management, Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines, Automotive Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics, Control Systems Engineering etc.. revealed to me limitless horizons in the field of Mechanical Engineering. My undergraduate study was a richly rewarding experience, during which I have participated in various Industrial training programs. The pursuit for knowledge has been the supreme goal in my life. We are in an era of global and technological changes where boundaries are fast disappearing and the greatest challenge tomorrow holds for us is to manage continuity of change. To satiate my curiosity and to fulfill my ambitions I have decided to pursue a master’s program in Mechanical Engineering.

I would like to get involved in research work in this area. Although there is a vast scope for research in this area, the scope for research in India is limited. The need for exposure to a wider environment has prompted me to seek an opportunity to study in the United States. The ever-increasing part played by computers in every discipline of Engineering and their synergetic role in manufacturing procedures called ‘Computer Integrated Manufacturing’ or CIM has encouraged me to learn various design application software packages like Auto Cad 2002& Pro-E.

To tell you more about my interest, the final year project, Design of Horizontal Machining center Spindle Line Elements which aims at incorporating few features of standard Design models, was an opportunity to gain knowledge of design applications in Mechanical Engg. The 4 years degree undergraduate course has not only provided me strong fundamentals, but also has encouraged me to learn more and goaded me to continue research related activities.

My immediate career objective is a master’s degree in Engineering followed by a PhD and research oriented career in industry or academia. The choice of a good university with a faculty dedicated to teaching and research and an atmosphere conducive to learning, thus becomes extremely necessary. After going through your website I found that by taking graduate studies at your university, I would be able to venture out into various subject domains and also develop a strong sense of independence coupled with responsibility and self-reliance, characteristic of the American culture.

It would also help me to learn global standards in this field and become aware of the worldwide competition, which I consider would be a great help for me to make a strong contribution in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Your university with its unique graduate program in Mechanical Engineering and with its commitment to foster intellectual excellence is remarkable and attractive to embark upon an academic career.

I would be glad if given a research or a teaching assistantship because in addition to easing the financial burden on me, it would go a long way in preparing me for a career in research and teaching. I look forward to a challenging career in research which may even be arduous and demanding at times but I am confident that with my sincerity and dedication, I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing research developments and live up to the high standards expected off your university. Given an opportunity, I shall strive to channel my unbridled efforts into more productive avenues.

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