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Stem Cell Research Persuasive

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A Proudest article reads, “Stem cells-which are usually taken from human embryos and grown in a laboratory-have the potential to develop into all other cells and tissues in the body. In 2001 , then- president George W. Bush announced federal funding for stem cell research using existing stem cell lines. The announcement was seen as a compromise that allowed future research while preventing the destruction of future human embryos. In 2009, President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order lifting many of the restrictions on stem cell research and approving new lines or research.

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Stem Cell Research Persuasive
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Supporters of stem cell research applauded the move, because they believe stem cells hold the key to unlocking medical breakthroughs… “With embryonic stem cells, we have the potential to cure cancer, Parkinson disease, and spinal cord injuries. Thus giving back that one thing we once did not appreciate and took for granted, extending the life span of humans, and saving lives as well. President Obama lifted many of those restrictions in order to make advances in the field of stem cell research.

Currently scientists are taking embryonic stem cells and studying them. They live they have the potential to turn into ANY cell in the body.

That means that if a war veteran came back with major damage to his or her body, say lost an arm in combat, then we will have the potential to grow back that arm that he or she lost. It gives us the ability to give back to soldiers that fought with their life to protect our country and us. Also scientists have found that human embryonic stem cells may have the ability to cure some cancers. Not only will that bring relief to families, but it will bring joy. The joy of hearing that there is a cure for cancer. That the family member diagnosed of cancer, as hope to get rid of the killing disease.

It will relieve the worries of developing that fatal disease. Let’s face it, nobody likes abortion. Who wants to stop a heart from beating? But it is legal in some states. There is nothing we could do about that. It is what it is. But let’s not let that killed embryo go to waste. Let’s put it to good use where it can help save lives. If we are going to take a life through abortion, let’s also save lives. Researchers will be able to study them and be able to find cures for fatal diseases and injuries. Abortion is going to continue to happen. It is a cruel, but real situation.

Let’s not discard a once beating heart instead of donating it to science to get some good out of it. There are many people that are wishing that are regretting taking their limbs or sight or organs for granted. But there are also many that do not take it for granted and really are grateful for being able to walk and do everything that a normal human being can. So let’s give those people that have lost hope, a reason to keep believing. Let’s give thanks to war veterans, the way they deserve it. Let’s give the people their life back. And all am asking from you, is to support the research of human embryonic stem cells.

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