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Steroids: The Easy Way To Destruction

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Athletes’ use of steroids is very popular these days, but even though steroids do produce quick gains in muscle size, they also have some very serious side effects. After long-term use, steroids can cause a change in behavior, a decrease in the body’s natural hormone production, and most seriously of all, addiction.

One very noticeable characteristic of steroids use is a great chance in the behavior of the user. The major behavioral change is an uncontrollable aggression, in the form, most often, of the user’s becoming foul-mouthed, obnoxious, hot-tempered and impatient.

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Steroids: The Easy Way To Destruction
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The person using steroids may also suffer terrific mood swings. One moment he will be on a high, feeling great, and the next, he will be on a low, with aches and pains and a bloated feeling.

Probably the worst feeling, however, come when the person decides to quit. Quitting produces great depression because all of a sudden the user sees his body shrinking and growing weaker every day.

Because of the aggression and mood swings produced while on steroids and the depression caused after quitting, steroids are very damaging psychologically to most users.Steroids produce fast gains in muscularity and body size because they take over the body’s hormone system.

According to Joe Weider, publisher and editor of many bodybuilding, health and fitness magazines, “When an athlete takes steroids his body’s own production of muscle building hormones is cut off. Those athletes who have taken the drug shortcut, eventually are passed by because their body can no longer function in a normal way” Some athletes take steroids for so long that when they quit, the testosterone level in their bodies is so low that they develop feminine characteristics, such as the enlargement of breast tissues.Taking steroids is the easy way toward the goal of quick gains in muscularity and body size, but in reality, users are damaging the body’s natural hormone balance, which can have permanent ill effects. Many people don’t realize that steroids are drugs, and that they can be addictive.

After long period of use, many athletes tend to increase their dosages, thereby increasing the body’s need for the drug and the psychological dependence on it.According to Tina Plakinger, a competitive female body builder now “clean” from steroids, “When you’re on them, you don’t care what happens to you. You’ll do anything you think you have to do to win. It’s a disease, an addiction, just like pot or speed or any other drug.

When you’re on it, your mind is clouded. You can’t think straight. You’re afraid to stop. ” Steroids have addictive effect like those of amphetamines, such as rage, uncontrollable aggression and almost schizophrenic behavior.

Because of the dependency and psychological effects, steroids are dangerously addictive drugs. All drugs are toxic substances to the body, and steroids are no exception. Steroids have a pronounced effect on the behavior of the user, create an imbalance in the body’s hormone system and create addiction. Before taking steroids, athletes should think about the consequences.

There are more healthful ways of becoming big and muscular without using artificial means, which can be so damaging physically and psychologically.

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