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    Stevie Ray Vaughan a fable, a maestro of his art, but most of all good to the blues resurgence in his twenty-four hours in age. At a clip where blues was melting out, in the late 1880ss, like a taper deceasing out he was the one lucifer that kept it lit, and about brought blues to redemption. Great blues Riffs and ill licks traveling strong, and he would maintain them traveling all dark long. Largely self taught he was a true instrumentalist whose clip ran abruptly.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan was born in Dallas, Texas on October 3, 1954 to Jim and Martha Vaughan. Stevie Ray foremost got interested in the guitar around the age of 11 in 1963. By so his older brother ( Jimmie Vaughan born in 1951. ) had already been playing for a couple old ages. He taught Stevie Ray a few fast ones, a twosome blues chords, and minor pentatonic licks, but non much though. Stevie Ray was largely self taught, he grew accustomed to ne’er utilizing his little finger. Turning up he listened to great blues legends like the celebrated B.B. King, the non as celebrated, but near, who truly didn’t acquire the acknowledgment he deserved, Albert King. He found their music gratifying, and admired them greatly, larning all their licks by ear, on phase he could mirror any solos they threw at him. Both Albert King and B.B. King played a really influential function in the development of Stevie Rays manner. By the clip he was 14 he was already playing in Dallas blues clubs with sets like Blackbird, the Shanstones, and the Epileptic Marshmallow. Stevie Ray being so involved with his music hardly had clip for senior high school. He dropped out in 1972.

    After dropping out of high school, he moved to Austin to take his music to a new degree and to do money along the manner. After a twelvemonth of playing with a couple local sets, in Austin, like the NightCrawlers, and the Cobras, he decided it was clip to travel on. In 1976 he formed a set called Triple Threat Revue. This set included W.C Clark, Lou Ann Barton, Freddie Pharoah, and Mike Kindred. Kindred and Pharoah subsequently left and were replaced by Jackie Newhouse and Chris Layton. The set renamed themselves Triple Threat. Stevie Ray so married his first married woman Lenora Baily, even though he claimed his old round up 1959 stratocaster to be his existent first married woman. After three old ages of being with Triple Threat Lou Ann Barton and W.C Clark left. Stevie Ray so renamed the set Double Trouble. In 1980 the set performed at the Steamboat nine in Austin. This was brodcasted unrecorded over the wireless, and subsequently in 1992 was released as an album called “In The Beginning”.

    In 1982 came his first large interruption. After being in the Rolling Stones magazine, they were invited by Jerry Wexler to execute in Switzerland at the Montreaux Festival. The first clip an unsigned and live set played at this festival. This is where David Bowie discovered Vaughan and his endowment. Bowie invited Stevie Ray to play on Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” album. Where Stevie Ray wrote the guitar portion for the vocal “Fame”. Jackson Brown, who was besides in the audience at the Montreaux Festival, imediately offered them some clip in his studio in L.A. John Hammond shortly signed dual Trouble to Epic Records.

    In 1983 they released “Texas Flood”. This album was nominated for two Grammy awards: “Best Traditional Blues Recording” and “Best Rock Instrumental Performance” ( for “Rude Mood” ) . Vaughan besides won three classs in the Guitar Player’s Readers Poll: “Best New Talent” , “Best Blues Talent” , and “Best Bluess Guitarist” ( Beating out the celebrated Eric Clapton ) . In 1984 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble released “Couldn’t Stand the Weather” . This album was in memory of Jimi Hendrix with the album screen looking precisely like “VooDoo Chile ( Slight Return ) ” . It was a immense hit. The undermentioned twelvemonth Stevie Ray added a keyboardist by the name of Reese Wynans, and became the first white instrumentalist to win the W.C. Handy Blues Foundation’s Blues Entertainer of the Year award.

    With celebrity and luck besides came drug maltreatment for Stevie Ray. In the mid eighties he was considered a drug nut. A heavy drinker, a cocaine nut, and to exceed it off, he smoked coffin nails. For a piece he would set a small spot of cocaine in a glass of consecutive Whiskey and imbibe it all down. Until one twenty-four hours when he was rushed to the infirmary because the cocaine had been eating off at his tummy. He ne’er drank coke once more. In 1985 he released “Soul to Soul”. This is Double Troubles third gold album. Stevie Ray received his 5th Grammy nomination, and is besides voted “Best Electric Blues Guitarist” by Guitar Player Magazine for the 3rd consecutive twelvemonth. He would travel on to win this award until 1991. In 1986 Stevie Ray releases “Live Alive” and is the first instrumentalist in history to be nominated for the same Grammy in the same twelvemonth; “Best Rock Instrumental Performance”, and of class he wins the Grammy.

    While on circuit in Germany, Stevie Ray was so intoxicated that he collapsed on phase. He subsequently joined a drug rehabilitation centre in London. A twosome hebdomads subsequently Stevie Rays father dies of Parkinson’s disease. In 1987 Stevie Ray appeared on a Cinemax special called “Blues Session” with Albert King, B.B. King, Phil Collins, and Eric Clapton. Both Vaughan and Tommy Shannon emerge clean and sober from a Atlanta detox centre. Later that twelvemonth he files for divorce from Lenora Vaughan. In 1989 “In Step” is released. This is the first album he makes without assistance of drugs. “Crossfire” becomes his first figure one album wireless hit and earns him yet another Grammy.

    In 1990 Stevie and his older brother Jimmie record “Family Style” in March through April. In June, he goes on circuit with Joe Cocker. On August 25, Double Trouble performs a concert at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. Performing with the set was Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, and Eric Clapton. After a encore on the 26th, Stevie Ray boards a chopper on its manner to Chicago. Not long after midnight on August 27, on a dark foggy dark when the chopper clangs into a hill, Stevie Ray Vaughan is killed, and so are three passangers and the pilot. Stevie Ray was buried in Dallas, Texas on the 31st of August.


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