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Steveland Judkins Morris was born on May 13, 1950, in Saginaw, Michigan. He is morepopularly known as Stevie Wonder. Stevie was blinded shortly after birth. His sightlessnesswas caused by a medical accident when he was born. He had to be put in an brooderand he didn? t get adequate air. In 1954 his household moved to Detroit. He developed hismusical endowment early in his life. By the age of 11 old ages old, he could play the mouth organ and piano and he was a gifted vocalist.Stevie was introduced to Motown s Berry Gordy, who recognized Stevie’s endowments.He was signed to Motown in 1962 and he was given the phase name? Small Stevie Wonder? . He subsequently grew out of this moniker and dropped the? small? . Stevie had success with his individual, Fingertips, Part 2 in 1963. By the clip he was 18, Wonder had released hits such as Uptight , Nothing s Too Good for My Baby I Was Made to Love Her , and For Once in My Life .

He followed that up with more hits, like My Cherie Amour which went Pt in 1969 and Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I m Yours in 1970. In 1970 Wonder married Syreeta Wright. After two old ages of matrimony they divorced. In 1971, at age 21, Stevie bought entering equipment and started a little entering company. He used two albums that he recorded independently to negociate with Motown. Since he was now 21, he could acquire a new contract that allowed him more freedom and more money. He began experimenting with usage of the synthesist. A serious car accident in 1973 about claimed his life.

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The accident did take his sense of odor off. Talking Book was an album that he released in 1972 which included You Are the Sunshine of My Life and Superstition 8217 . These were two really large hits. Innervisions, released in 1973, included a hit vocal called? Higher Land? . Fulfillingness First Finale in 1974, and Songs in the Key of Life in 1976 were both hit albums of Stevie WondeR’s in the 1970s.During the 1980s Stevie Wonder released fewer solo albums but made success entering with other creative persons. He wrote and performed a vocal with Paul McCartney. It was an antiracism hit individual Ebony and Ivory . With Chaka Khan, Steveland performed I Feel for You . His individual I Just Called to Say I Love You , from the soundtrack of the movie The Woman in Red won an Academy award in 1985.

In 1989 Wonder was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He signed a unique life-time contract with Motown Records in 1992. Conversation Peace, was an albumWonder worked on for about eight old ages before its 1995 release. It got good reappraisals. In add-on to his music, Stevie Wonder s calling was distinguished by his activism for gun control, rummy drive and anti-hunger runs. Throughout his life he has influenced popular music in the classs of funk, stone and psyche. He has inspired people to go instrumentalists with his ain music. He has besides given a batch to civil rights in this state and in other states ( largely South Africa )

.He has besides taught blind people that they can be every bit talented as any individual who can see. From fring his sight to fring his sense of odor, he has overcome many obstructions. Stevie has raised two kids. He has besides been married one time. Wonder presently performs on occasion. He lives in Beverly Hills, California.He makes particular public presentations for worthy causes because of his lovingness for other people. In 1996 Stevie won a Grammy award for Lifetime Achievement. Throughout the 1990s, Stevie has released 4 greatest hits albums and over 10 new albums. Although he was unsighted since babyhood, Stevie Wonder ne’er lacked musical endowment. Wonder s combination of psyche, dad, funk, and stone earned him 15 Grammys, an Academy award, and success in concern. With 1000000s of records sold, the gifted performing artist has ever been recognized for his abilities to make what he wants to make, blind or non.

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