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An analysis of Stickley Furniture’s production. aggregative be aftering production control. stock list and quality reveals that the company has made alterations that have proven successful schemes for the long term success of the company since it was sold in 1974. The analysis presented here will demo countries of strength and countries of betterment. L. & A ; J. G. Stickley Furniture has a production installation that is rectangular in design with 30 foot ceilings and this edifice is staged to ease several different production procedures from uninterrupted production their primary production procedure. occupation store for custom furniture. batch processing and repetitive to bring forth a big figure of furniture merchandises made from Mahogany. Cherry and White Oak in the Mission Oak Style. Stickley chiefly uses the uninterrupted production procedure along each point in the production of Mission Oak Furniture. First tonss of natural timber are received from the timber Millss and parced out by stuff animal trainers. The majority wood is cut into smaller sizes in batch processing. Then the natural timber is inspected to look into for knots and other defects. The inspectors of the natural timber expression for imperfectnesss such as knots and other defects. on the cut wood and tag the locations to fix it for cutting by the Optimizer Saw.

After the lumber review procedure is completed the natural wood is fed into the Optimizer saw that has the alone characteristic of an onboard computing machine that calculates the optimum cut form for each piece of wood to carry through the demands for the occupations that are in the waiting line. Using the optimizer saw reduces waste by optimally cutting the wood off from the defects like knots and leting for the bit to be reused. The lumber bit pieces that are cut out by the optimizer proverb are glue together to organize feasible wood. Those wood pieces. that have been glued together. are placed in a wood imperativeness compacting the wood into a common solid and ace strong board for usage in parts creative activity. These pieces are so mortised or drilled to suit the different demands of the peculiar furniture production tallies by a computing machine controlled router. These pieces can be used to carry through the demand of different furniture production tallies such as table. desk and chest of drawerss tops and other assorted parts for production. After this is done the following measure is a series sanding operations that smoothes the boards by taking extra gum from the compressed wood board doing it look seamless and smoothing the solid wood parts.

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This uninterrupted procedure returns on a regular day-to-day footing. treating 20 thousand pess of board each twenty-four hours. The cut furniture parts are assembled into the assorted sub-assemblies for the furniture or assembled into complete pieces like chest of drawers shortss and cabinet doors. For each piece that is made in a production run all the information about it is meticulously recorded and the parts are stamped to place the parts intent. day of the month of production. finish type. furniture line it is intended for and colour. This information can be used for natural stuff telling for the hereafter and for furniture that is sent back for fix so that fix people can closely fit the original production tally. Unfinished furniture and parts are placed in white stock list for future production demands and can be finished to carry through orders rapidly. The other production treating methods that Stickley Furniture uses include occupation store treating where extremely skilled craftsman make custom furniture in the usage store. Batch processing is used for production tallies of common parts.

Insistent processing is used for parts that are for big productions tallies used in production of legs. spindles and chair dorsums for their chief merchandise offering the Mission Oak Style Furniture. The type of production processing runs that Stickley Furniture chooses depends on the furniture that is being made and how customized it will be made for the client. Having several production processing methods is a feature of the furniture industry and is necessary because of the cyclical nature of the furniture industry which exhibit seasonal demand in the first and 3rd quarters each twelvemonth ( Stevenson. 2011 ) . The company that I work with provides a merchandise that follows a similar type of production procedure as Stickley. We provide custom built hardware enclosures with specific equipment sets to carry through the infirmaries work flow demands. This procedure can be hard and he cyclical in nature every bit good. Equally hard as this is we are known around the state for quality. dependableness and great client service. This sets us apart from the competition and is a great advantage. Stickley uses a saloon cryptography system to maintain path of each occupation that is on the production floor that identifies the occupation. the phase of production that it is in and where that occupation is in the operation.

As the occupation base on ballss through each phase of occupation production the operator at that peculiar phase in production removes the saloon codification spine and takes it to the programming office where the scheduling staff scan the saloon codification into the trailing package. This information is so sent to production control so that they can track the advancement and location of the occupation on the store floor. Bar cryptography is helpful since there are many occupations that are traveling on at the same time and it would be really hard to track the person occupations otherwise. Couple that with the fact that client orders peak in the first and 3rd quarters allows production and direction to fix the white stock list for the seasonal demand that Stickley experiences and allows for the smooth flow of production tallies that are needed to carry through current orders utilizing. The saloon codifications can bespeak where there is slack in the system and make full that with white stock list demands for the following cyclical addition ( Stevenson. 2011 ) . Bar cryptography will besides assist with informations aggregation on sellers who supply the natural stuffs in furniture production.

Supplying information on wood providers. finish providers. fasteners providers quality and seasonableness. equipment down clip. constrictions in production and other informations that can be used to do Stickley a thin fabrication furniture company and much more competitory in the furniture market ( Harmon. 1986 ) . The company that I work with provides saloon codification systems to infirmaries that track malignant neoplastic disease patients through their interventions that for some can happen multiple times a month or hebdomad. The saloon codification system alert the patient health professionals that the patient is ready for the following measure in their intervention. Knowing this the staff is more efficient. provides better attention and service to the malignant neoplastic disease patient with better results. Bar coding have many applications that can be really good across many industries. Materials Requirement Planning is optimum for Stickley Furniture because the computing machine plan allows direction to fix for orders that come in to production. For illustration. when an order for 40 Mission Oak Dining Room Sets comes in from a client. To carry through the order Stickley will make a maestro production agenda specifying points to be produced. when it is needed and the measure needed.

The peculiar agenda for this production run Stickley needs 40 Mission Oak Dining Room Sets to be delivered in the following 8 to 10 hebdomads. Following Stickley will necessitate to set together a Bill of Materials that lists all the natural stuffs. parts. assemblies and sub-assemblies needed to bring forth one Mission Oak Dining Room Set supplying one Bill of Materials per dining room set. It is indispensable that the Bill of Materials reflect the exact constituents of the Mission Oak Dining Room Set since one mistake can be magnified 40 times over and do holds in bringing and quality. Materials Requirement Planning shows the clip lines that the parts and assemblies need to be finished to run into the deadline for the client ( Stevenson. 2011 ) . Materials Requirement Planning is best suited to companies with fickle merchandise demand. much like that experienced by Stickley Furniture and the furniture industry in general or those with complications in footings of the figure of constituents or subassemblies as is seen in the furniture industry ( Anonymous. 1985 ) . Materials Requirement Planning plays a big function in the success of Stickley in existent clip and for future planning.

My company uses Materials Requirement Planning because of fickle demand and to put the clip lines for parts ( Electronic Components ) and assemblies ( Hardware Structures ) to run into customer’s clip lines. It can be cumbersome at times but it is the best solution for our state of affairs. Stickley uses a flat production policy to level the production over the twelvemonth to run into demands throughout the twelvemonth. Level production is done despite the cyclical nature of their concern. When demand is up during the first and 3rd quarters Stickley uses the complete capacity from the old one-fourth to supply the resources to finish the orders. There are a few benefits with this policy. First the skilled workers most likely will be retained by Stickley that produce the usage furniture because they will hold the comfort of occupation security and the feeling that the Stickley is loyal to their employees ( Wille. 1994 ) . This is really of import because usage work is more profitable because of the borders that are realized. For illustration the company that I work with makes a 40 % border on usage undertakings and we use skilled plants. Retaining the skilled workers is critical to the success of the usage work concern line at Stickley.

Another advantage of degree production is that during peak demand workers are non rushed through their work which could do them to do sub-standard furniture. Besides. the employees own monitoring of quality makes a difference for the Stickley name in the furniture market. And in the case of more hard operations an extra degree of quality control is added with quality control inspectors to assist place operators that have lacks further guaranting quality. Level production can impart itself to less equipment down clip because the care agenda will be easier to supply service to the proverb. routers and smoothers on a regular basis. There are many advantages to level production for Stickley. There are some disadvantages to level production that must be mentioned follow. There are costs that are associated with the production installation being unfastened twelvemonth unit of ammunition. The low accomplishment workers may go a load because of the costs associated with their wages. The public-service corporation costs of maintaining the installation can be lowered significantly by restricting production during the slack quarters. For illustration the electric cost is 60 thousand dollars a month. If the installation were to run half yearss during the off quarters they could potentially salvage one hundred 80 thousand dollars over a six month period. There are besides disposal costs that are associated with production. the disposal of risky waste and non-recyclable wood merchandises during the loose months. Overall the degree production policy is more good to Stickley because the employees will acquire a sense of trueness to Stickley and pride in the quality and craft in the furniture. There is no value that can be attached to these qualities since it shows up in every piece of furniture.

Areas of betterment that is relevant for the future growing of Stickley can be realized by using several different Schemes. One is the usage of Entire Quality Management that gets everyone that is involved in the production of furniture and the associated services. Entire Quality Management involves direction. work force. providers and the terminal consumer of Stickley furniture. The end is to transcend the terminal consumers’ outlooks for each piece of furniture. One of the chief characteristics to Total Quality Management is that the full organisation is committed to a continual attempt to better quality every bit good as the providers. It besides encourages Stickley to happen out what the consumer wants. design merchandises to the customers’ outlooks. make procedure designed to make things compensate the first clip. maintain path of the consequences to steer betterment and a committedness to ne’er halt improving and communicate Total Quality Management to the supply concatenation sellers and promote their acceptance of it.

This committedness to Total Quality Management can divide Stickley from the remainder of the battalion in the furniture market. An first-class illustration of a company that uses Total Quality Management is Honda Manufacturing. Honda employs an environment where Honda encourages works invention. usage of cutting border engineering and an ambiance where employees contribute to uninterrupted betterment of the Honda trade name ( Coleman. 2002 ) . Stickley. by using Entire Quality Management can accomplish the same degree of acknowledgment as Honda for quality and service. This analysis of Stickley Furniture’s production. aggregative be aftering production control. stock list and quality revealed that Stickley alterations have proven successful schemes for the company since it was sold in 1974. The analysis presented besides showed that there are countries for uninterrupted betterment. Entire Quality Management is an embracing scheme that will take Stickley to new growing degrees because of its ne’er stoping dedication to quality in all facets of the company and demanding that from their supply concatenation.


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