First Strange Experience at Boot Camp

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Boot camp can be a scary and interesting experience. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was go to boot camp. I was so afraid of being around so many new people, but I decided that I should experience new things and see the world. I also thought it would be good mentally and help me succeed in Life. What I didn’t expect was that it would make me a secure person. New people always make me kind of shy and my first day was no exception.

It was around 10 P. M. and was very cold in Chicago, Illinois. I stepped off the bus along with twenty five other people in our civilian attire and we were so nervous. A strange and very athletic man screamed “Take one step forward to us and sound off (yell in Navy terms) your social security number. ” It was my turn now, so I stepped forward and said my name and he yelled “Shipmate (Navy term for everyone) drop and give me twenty that’s not what I asked. ” I did the pushups and stood back up. We were then told to go inside this extremely lighted building after everyone finished.

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As I was walking through the building I noticed that they were separating the girls and guys. The guys went into one room and the girls went into a different one. They had everyone line up in front of boxes filled with clothes. The strange man appeared again and instructed us to remove all our clothing. I started to remove my clothes and noticed a woman supervisor in front of me. I was like there is no way can she should be here, but the instructor instructed me to keep going.

We were bare now and they told us to put the clothing in the box on and put all our belongings in the box. After changing I had to tape the box and put one of my family members mailing addresses on it. I then proceeded to medical. Here they checked my medical health and the strength of my eyes. This let to other testing that followed on until around 6 A. M. I met my Boot camp instructors and they showed me where I would be sleeping. I was dead tired now and the only thing I wished for was sleep.

My first experience of Navy boot camp was not easy for me, but it helped me face the fact that I’m not that shy and that if pushed I would do anything. I know that might not seem like much. But this experience helps me see that I just need a reason to do something and I would do it. This was a strange start to my Navy career but needed. The strange experience has helped me become secure in any strange environment I’m put in. I’m 5 years now and I’m glad I had it. I would have had it no other way.

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