“Bear Lake” Camp Fire Story

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That night Jack called his friends and told them to get ready for tomorrow. The next day, his family and friends left from his house and arrived at his grandparent’s house during the afternoon. His grandparents welcomed everyone. Jacks grandpa told everyone to go get some rest because they are all going to the campground and they will build a campfire, eat marshmallows, and all other fun stuff. That evening everybody was sitting at the camp fire and having fun. But, Jack was curious about something, then after while he spoke.

Hey grandpa can we go to the Bear Lake tomorrow? ” Jack asks. His grandpa looked nervous and stayed quiet for few seconds and said, “Sorry, we can’t go to the Bear Lake. ” “Why? ” Jack asks. Then his grandfather told us what is in the Bear Lake. Bear Lake was a demon place. There is a monster that lives in Bear Lake. The monster looks like a huge brown snake and is nearly 90 feet long. It has ears that stick out from the side of its skinny head and a mouth big enough to eat a man. According to some, it has small legs. But in the water – watch out!

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It can swim faster than anybody else and it moves a mile a minute on a good day. Monster was a Tornado running through the ground and water. Sometimes the monster likes to sneak up on unwary swimmers and blow water at them. I heard about a man once who spotted the monster early one evening as he was walking along the lake. He tried to shoot it with his rifle. The man was a good shooter, but none of his bullets touched the monster. It scared him and he high tailed it home faster like a train. He left his rifle behind and he claimed that the monster ate it.

Sometimes, when the monster has been quiet for a while, people start saying it is gone for good. But no one knows if that’s true or not. Some people say that he still lives there. To this day I know nobody even think s about going to Bear Lake. And when you enter the town you can see the signs that say “Don’t go to Bear Lake. Even if you go there keep your eyes open at dusk and maybe you’ll see it come out to feed. Just be careful swimming in the lake, or you might be its next meal! ” Everyone got scared except one of Jacks friend, Mike.

He thinks that there is o such thing as a monster or ghost or anything like that. After hearing this story they decide to go back to house. “Everybody get ready we are going home! ” said Jack’s Grandpa. “But, we Just got here” said Jack. “No, it’s too late and it’s time to go sleep. ” said Jacks Grandpa. In middle of the night Mike wakes up and got ready to go to the Bear Lake. Before leaving the house Mike wrote note that says, “I’m going to the Bear Lake to prove that there is no monster. So, I will be little late for the breakfast and don’t worry about me I’ll be back soon.

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