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Strategic plan

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Q1. Continuous implementation and communication of strategic business plan is important as it enables the organization to enhance the efficiency of meeting the objectives of the organization.

In addition, effective communication strategic plans are instrumental in ensuring reliability and commitment of employees in executing the plans through improved understanding and acceptance. The process of communication strategic plans remains the sole duty of the management through the employee leaders.

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Strategic plan
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Just to note here is the fact that leaders in an organization function to inspire and promote understanding and acceptance of the workforce in executing their day-to-day duties in the organization.

Still, organizational leaders serve the purpose of engaging with the employees, a factor that is crucial in enhancing their identification and resolution of any problems facing the strategic plan implementation process.

This is crucial in realizing a continuous implementation and communication of strategic plans in the firm. Q2. The strategic plan of our organization has not been communicated to us. The operation of the organization is based on job delegations without clear information on the underlying long-term objectives of the organization. On the other hand, enhancing communication of strategic plans could serve an important role in promoting the effectiveness of the organization.

This is because such functions to enhance commitment and a strong corporate culture among employee, a move that is crucial in speeding up the plan execution in the firm. It is important for employees to know the strategic plan of their company. Being informed of the plan allows them to have some sense of direction in the purpose and goals of the organization. Also brought by communicating strategic plans to employees is that it promotes their commitment as such defines the expected employee benefits to be gained from meeting the goals of the plan.

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