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The narrator gets ready to go out with Tim, feeling nervous and excited. However, during dinner, she notices Tim constantly checking his phone and receiving calls from certain people, which makes her suspicious. When Tim excuses himself to take a call, the narrator begins to doubt their relationship and decides to leave the restaurant. As she is leaving, she is surprised by a romantic display of music, rose petals, and lights in the parking lot. There, Tim kneels down and proposes, making the narrator’s dreams come true.

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I took one last expression in the mirror before heading out of the front door. There was a waver of exhilaration in my tummy as I approached the black polishing vehicle parked in my private road with a handsome m. an in a white shirt who held the door for me. Although it had been about four old ages with Tim. I could still conceive of myself as a diffident school miss who was merely asked to travel to prom with him. Bing cautious non to falter. I walked towards the auto. nervously pressing the folds of my frock gently with my custodies. But as I stared into his eyes. I could experience all those feelings of shyness disappear someplace. His smiling was all I desired at that clip. Siting at a tabular array of a fancy eating house I could experience my bosom thumping against my ribs. I could non assist it. While holding dinner I frequently caught himself glowering at the screen of his cellular telephone. At first I decided to disregard it but so as he started to having calls from certain people I felt myself going discerning. As he excused himself to take a call. all sorts of brainsick ideas invaded my head. I could experience a ball develop in my pharynx. somehow I felt that I was the 1 who had done something incorrect. The few proceedingss of his absence felt like an hr tome.

During this clip I caught myself taking peep of my contemplation on the glass tabular array to do certain if I looked O.K. . Be it all coming to an terminal? Was he deliberately seeking to avoid me? I could experience these inquiries shouting at the dorsum of my caput and merely by the idea of there being a little possibility of that made my bosom leap into my oral cavity. After waiting for approximately 10 proceedingss I decided that I would non be able to confront Tim. Some portion of me wanted to remain and wait until he came back while the other had made up her head that our relationship was over. I took a deep breath as I felt the dorsum of my cervix combustion. I got up from my place and taking long paces made my manner to the issue of the eating house. But what I saw following left me wholly stunned. At first all I could hear was soft music. But as I approached the door the music got louder and floated towards me with the aroma of a million flowers.

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I concentrated on what I would state him about my disconnected going but instantly after I opened the door. I forgot what I was supposed to make. I was distracted by the colourful visible radiations covering every inch of the immense parking batch and the way made of rose petals under my pess. I tore my eyes from these beautiful ornaments and searched across the rows of different vehicles. Suddenly everything went into a fuzz. all I truly saw was his face. It filled my vision and overwhelmed my head. And so his perfect face met my awful regard. he broke into a breathtaking smiling of jubilance. Kneeling to the land and keeping a ring he said the four charming words. That minute. I can reason was one of the best minutes of my life as I could eventually see my girlish dreams come true. That one minute is one which I would wish to live over and see once more if I got an chance.

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