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I am Sarah Wang, a student at China University. After graduating from high school, I worked as a waitress at a local restaurant. This job provided me with the opportunity to acquire important skills in managing money and interacting with different customers. Additionally, it improved my communication abilities, sense of responsibility, and determination to pursue higher education.

Furthermore, by working alongside waitresses and chefs who were similar in age to me, I became aware of the challenges they face due to their limited knowledge and low wages. These individuals strive to survive at the lowest level of society.

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As I embark on my journey to study diplomacy, I acknowledge that it encompasses more than mere interactions among nations. It also involves fostering connections between individuals. My ultimate goal is to become a prominent political leader, and in order to achieve this, it is crucial for me to understand the diverse population within relevant regions. This knowledge will empower me to improve the circumstances faced by young people. If given the opportunity to live and study in the United States for a few months, I would wholeheartedly embrace its unique cultural and political environment. This experience would not only enhance my studies in International Relations but also enable me to make valuable contributions towards my future political career.

I am the top student in my department, ranking first in my class with the highest overall GPA. I have exceptional analytical and organizational skills that I apply to my coursework and other endeavors, such as my research on Confucius Institute and its influence on soft power. It would greatly enhance my project to have the chance to study abroad and firsthand experience the impact of Confucius Institute. Furthermore, I actively participate in extracurricular activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle by jogging daily, which aids me in developing both physical strength and mental acuity.

Using sports as a universal language, I am enthusiastic about engaging in friendly competition with teenagers from different countries. My previous involvement in coordinating the closing ceremony and interacting with participants at the 2010 Beijing United Nations Conference has demonstrated the importance of teamwork. Nevertheless, it would be even more thrilling and demanding to work together with international peers despite potential cultural and linguistic obstacles.

Considering the reasons mentioned above, I firmly believe that I possess the drive and self-assurance required to excel in the United States if granted the chance to pursue my education at Columbia University. While the individual assigned as my mentor from Columbia University remains unknown at present, their guidance will be invaluable. My intention is to enroll in the International Relationship program offered by Columbia University, which spans from January 1st to June 1st, 2011. Proficiency in English is of utmost importance for studying International Relationship.

Although I have been making continuous efforts to learn English and have a solid language base, I am convinced that immersing myself in an English-speaking country will significantly enhance my proficiency. Hence, I have chosen to improve my language skills by staying there. To cover the costs of accommodation, food, and air travel amounting to $9,000, my parents have confirmed their ability to provide this sum and are willing to support me during my stay in the USA. Furthermore, China Foreign Affairs University will directly pay Barnard College $775 for tuition fees plus a $205 processing fee on my behalf.

I have a total program Sponsor fund of $19,294. After completing my studies in the USA, I intend to return to China for further education. There are multiple reasons behind this decision. First and foremost, as a Chinese individual, China will always remain my homeland regardless of where I go. Additionally, China Foreign Affairs University mandates that I complete my studies there. Moreover, being the only daughter of my parents, it is incumbent upon me to come back and take care of them in accordance with Chinese tradition. Considering all these factors, I am confident that after graduating from Columbia University, I will pursue my future studies and career in China.

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