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Study Plan Essay by Sarah Wang

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  • Pages 3
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    I’m Sarah Wang from China University. After graduation from high school, I worked as a waitress in a local restaurant. This unforgettable job opportunity had provided me with the experience in dealing with money and kittle customers as well as developing my communication skills, sense of responsibility, and my determination to carry on with higher education! What’s more important, talking to and working with other waitresses and chefs who are almost at my age, I began to realize how these people, who gets a low pay due to a lack of knowledge, are struggling for survival at the bottom of the society.

    Majoring in diplomacy now, which from my perspective, refers not only to the relationship between countries but also that among human beings, I’m desperate to become a distinguished political leader, which requires a thorough understanding of people from all the related regions, to ameliorate the situation of young people. Had I been given the chance of living and studying in the US for several months, I would endeavor to be compatible with the different cultural and political atmosphere, thus helping my further study of International Relationships as well as contributing to my political career.

    I am the top student of my department with the overall GPA ranking first in my class. Considering the exquisite analytical and organizational skills involved in both my coursework and beyond, I’m engaging in a project doing research on Confucius Institute and the soft power behind it. It will be absolutely brilliant for the project if I can study abroad and feel the impact of Confucius Institute by person. I also have spent my time productively on extracurricular activities. Jogging daily as a regular habit, I’ve equipped myself with a strong body and energetic mind.

    As the saying goes, there’s no boundary for sports, I would love to play and compete with foreign teenagers, communicating with them using the language of sports. Having played a main role in preparing for the closing ceremony and associating with participants in the 2010 Beijing United Nations Conference for more than half a year, I’ve learned the importance of teamwork. However, if I am lucky enough to cooperate with my foreign fellows, that will be more challenging and interesting considering the cultural and language differences among us.

    With the reasons I have described above, I feel that I have the commitment and confidence of giving my best in the US if given the opportunity to study in Columbia University. Columbia University will arrange an advisor for me. However, as I’m still applying for it, the specific person remains unknown now. I plan to study in Columbia University of International Relationship which lasts from January 1st to June 1st of 2011. To study International Relationship needs solid English foundation.

    Although I have been keeping learning English these years and already have a very good English foundation, I still reckon that my English will be improved if I pay much attention to learn it in an English speaking country. Therefore, I prepare to improve my English there. I’m asked to prepare $9,000 which will cover all my accommodation and board fees as well as my flight tickets. My parents have proved that they have that money and would like to support my life in the USA. China foreign Affairs University will pay directly to Barnard $775 tuition and $205 processing fee for me.

    In total, my program Sponsor fund is $19,294. After I accomplish my studies in the USA, I will return to study in China. The reasons for it are as follows: Firstly, I am Chinese, no matter where I go, I won’t forget my home is in China. Secondly, as required by China Foreign Affairs University, I have to come back and finish my study there. In addition, I am the only daughter of my parents, it’s my duty to come back to take care of them according to Chinese tradition. The above-mentioned all determines that I am sure to develop my own study and career in China as soon as I finish my studies in Columbia University.

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