The Story About Wang Lee Hom Short Summary

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This man, no luxury cars. 31-year-old bought a 12,000 used car as a birthday present. This man, not bought new clothes in more than a decade. This man’s father, a famous American doctor, returning four free clinic, all to spend, are the source of this man. This man, earned several hundred million a year. This man, with 90% of the money for charity, 10% of the money to make music, to do a movie with other people’s money In 1976, Lee Hom was born in New York a wealthy Chinese families. His brother was three years old, nine years later, my mother gave him a younger brother Tim, a family of five happy.

Like other American children, Lee Hom earn pocket money by working from the age of 9. That time, he thought that New York is the center of the universe date, rode his bicycle every day to deliver the newspapers to feel as if across a myriad of marine hungry to return home, eating mom licking pie is the happiest day things. Wang Lee Hom 6-year-old started to learn the violin, 8-year-old learn to play the piano, the other children are willing to choose to watch TV and play games, Lee Hom 3 hours continuous playing the violin, teaching piano teacher mother often praised him for his talent, and perseverance.

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Once, Lee Hom practicing the violin in the yard, day suddenly began to rain, rain splashed the piano, The Lee Hom eyes closed unaware. Watching his son brought great joy to be immersed in the music, my mother was deeply touched. One day, my mother went to the school to pick up 9-year-old Lee Hom, his violin teacher said to his mother, your son feeling of the music and the very strong performance, he should give up other activities, four hours of training every day to ensure piano time and stick to it, he has the potential to become an outstanding violist.

The mother nodded, did not answer the teacher. She remembered a friend of the former school violin small afraid to play tennis, the not dare skiing, childhood can not participate in sports, just because of fear the hand injuries ——- mother feel happy child is better than doing a musical prodigy. But only 9-year-old Wang Lee Hom said to his mother: “Mom, my favorite music, I still want more time on the music! ” Mom surprise, she felt that this sentence seems to be said from the heart of his son Since my son was born with music enthusiasts, a mother should respect his son’s choice.

Please dedicated music teacher, mother Lee Hom Wang Lee Hom also consciously give up many of the activities of “Foreign Affairs”, wholeheartedly practice the piano, violin. 13 years old, Lee Hom wrote his first song, by the praise of friends and family. Away from home, only to round a singer dream High school graduation, Lee Hom fancy tapes sent to a record company, the record company to call Lee Hom, tried to let him join, but also promised to give him the album. The blood boil the Lee Hom parents want to go to the entertainment world, who knows, on this super war broke out in the home.

Lee Hom’s father is a traditional conservative, in his mind, learn to test elite, in the future to find a noble profession is the human right, the Lee Hom brother has been admitted to Yale University School of Medicine, to his brother have done a very good set an example, the results are as good as Lee Hom how to give up this Guangming Road? Angry father said to Lee Hom; “You see, you see, in the United States to engage in the rock is not hooked on drugs is a strange character, behaved like a mad, how can you mix and those rogue? ” The father is still a Lee Hom so, if you do not go to college to engage in music, disinheritance!

Even has the support of his mother to go into music stand out against: away from the ocean to Taiwan’s development, even the clothes you do not wash the day to leave the house, you had a habit! ” The family is so strongly opposed to Lee Hom irritability. Evening, Lee Hom himself locked in a room, casually look at the TV when a file of music program appealed to him, inside the TV being on Harlem Yu and Terry Lin Song, Wang Lee Hom two Taiwanese singer shocked, he felt throat itching, he can not afford to lose this opportunity. Lee Hom did not mention to singing, the family thought him change his mind.

We did not think, 17 years old, he also has another “conspiracy”. 1994 summer vacation morning, Lee Hom carry a simple luggage, step back left warm home, on the plane, he could not help but shed tears, Taipei, Lee Hom called to the house, he heard the mother choking voice. At that moment, Lee Hom would rather go back Well, end this treason travel, do not let the mother sad. Who knows the side of the phone, his mother told him: “You’ve always been a good boy, I know you must have in order to achieve your dream of music, sneaking go to Taiwan I please your uncle Li Jian Fu, he in Taipei, making music, you better be nice to him! Lee Hom was delighted. The mother did not blame his act of treason. Lee Hom quickly contacted the uncle Li Jian Fu, the first album. Li Jian Fu Chuan is the famous singer of the “Dragon”, he was very much like his runaway nephew for music dream, he introduced to Taiwan famous musician Li Shou Quan. Lee Hom’s father can not forgive his son’s move, he cut off his son’s economic supply. Lee Hom money to Taiwan soon run out, a long time eating noodles “mixed” days, people become very lean.

Summers are gone, Lee Hom got his wish to receive a university notice, he returned to the United States, the Department of Music at the University of Massachusetts study music, but also into the Park to Levin College of Music Institute to learn. Lee Hom use their own the song disc-earned money to pay tuition, their basic self-sufficiency, the father of economic sanctions are not a threat to him. But he missed his family, father “ban” Although we can not care for him, but he is free or losing any to run home, hoping to reconciliation with their families.

Finally, in the mother’s persuasion, the father gradually forgive his son. A resume peace. Her father Lee Hom to go into music conditions, must not neglect their studies, and to get a degree. Lee Hom said with confidence: “No problem! ” Descendants of the Dragon, a constant heart Lee Hom’s Chinese is far from good English, which is a common phenomenon of second-generation Chinese. Join showbiz, Lee Hom and from Taiwan and New York, sometimes wanted to go to a concert in many cities, the Chinese is not good enough, he trouble a lot of jokes

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