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Success of GEOX: Case Study

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  • Pages 2
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    GEOX has focused on product innovations that were new to the market and incorporated a very new and revolutionary technology – so called radical innovations. GEOX also patented smaller innovations that were not radical but related to the key concept. GEOX made sure to properly patent all their new ideas. GEOX considers itself firstly as a technology company. The company therefore pays a lot of attention to the value of its patents, which is considered the core of GEOX? s success. The company invests vastly in its own R&D department, which cooperates with specialists, e. . from universities, that specialise on the human body and its physics and orthopaedics to ensure continuous research. GEOX is successful because it also patents processes, equipment and machinery, so competitors cannot easily copy it. Nevertheless GEOX concentrated on its key innovation – the development of “breathing technology”. The entire research conducted and innovations are built around this key technology. GEOX realised that fashion is not the most important focus, but the technical aspects would differentiate the product from other existing shoes.

    Therefore marketing emphasised the shoe and its breathing technology rather than connecting it to well known communicators. The key success of GEOX lies in its clear focus on its revolutionary breathing technology. GEOX has positioned itself amongst the big international players of the global footwear industry. It is positioned as the world? s second largest casual lifestyle operator. GEOX products address men, women and children in the medium to medium-high price range, therefore addressing a substantially large group of consumers and not specialising on a particular group.

    GEOX most relevant competitors in the “brown shoe” business are Clarks Shoes, Timberland, ECCO, Birkenstock Hush Puppies and Rockport. With its emergence in the sports segment GEOX will have to face Nike and Adidas, who together already control 60% of the global market. It appears that its competitors are traditional and well-known companies that have been around for far more time than GEOX has. Therefore GEOX must focus on creating a strong brand that stands for innovative and smart products.

    GEOX competitive advantage primarily is its leading approach to comfort and especially “breathing technology”. Its innovative inventions are the centre of its strategy and are already recognized by its customers. GEOX puts its high tech products in the focus. Therefore it managed to create its own niche, addressing uncontested market space. GEOX is successfully serving a large, diverse customer base with a wide variety of product lines. Its unique technology makes GEOX a “first mover”, and competitors have not yet managed to copy its approach to comfort and functionality.

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