Which Is More Important for Success: The Natural Ability You Are Born With or Hard Work?

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The idea of success varies from person to person – some attribute it to natural ability while others believe hard work is the key. In my opinion, success relies heavily on hard work as it motivates individuals to pursue their goals. For instance, in Hong Kong’s education system, studying hard is crucial to achieving excellent grades. Similarly, hard work is fundamental in one’s career, as seen in the success of Hong Kong singers. While natural ability may assist in achieving success, it is not a necessity. Wong Chi Fung is an excellent example of someone who overcame learning difficulties to become a leader in the anti-national education campaign through his hard work and dedication. Ultimately, success hinges on the amount of effort one puts in, and though natural ability may have some influence, it is not the key to success.

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Success means that a person is able to achieve his or her own goal. While some people ascribe one’s natural ability to success, the others may think that it is hard work that matters. In my opinion, although natural ability can increase one’s chances of being successful, working hard is more important for success. In this essay, I am going to explain why success depends on hard work more.

To begin with, hard work is the key to success since it drives one to practice more and motivates one to endeavor to fulfill their goals. In the Hong Kong education system, studying hard is the bedrocks of getting brilliant results. Take Chinese History as an example, students are required to memorize a lot of historical events in China before they analyze the exam questions and write essays. Hence, they have to spend a lot of time preparing the tests and exams at home.

Besides, some science subjects like Mathematics are never an exception. Students can gain enviable grades only if they practice a lot by themselves and become skillful enough to tackle the difficult questions. Apart from academic study, hard work is also fundamental to get success in people’s career. Hong Kong singers such as Joey Yung and Eason Chan are typical examples. After thousands of functions and attended and millions of events they performed in, they now become well-known by many people. As we can see, hard work is an indispensable element of being successful.

Some people may agree that natural ability is more important for success because it helps oneself develop their potential and then become talented in one thing. Although there is no doubt that natural ability favors a person to achieve their targets, it is not a necessity in regards to success.

Wong Chi Fung is a good example. He has learning difficulties and he is not brilliant in academic study. Despite this, he can be the leader in the anti-national education campaign and become successful as he is capable of doing what he wants extraordinarily well, thanks to his efforts of organizing the campaign and pushing the movement to the top.

In conclusion, whether you can get success all depends on how much effort you pay. Although natural ability can also affect the chance of success, it is not the key to success.

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