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SWOT analysis for Costa Coffee Sample

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Failings1. Splendid trade name name and trade name visibleness2. Repute for quality that is really deserving the money3. Wide assortment of products34. Quality of service is high4

1. Located in comparatively few states worldwide2. Merely few shops in each state3. Because of high monetary values non available to all categories

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SWOT analysis for Costa Coffee Sample
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OpportunitiesMenaces1. Broaden their mark market2. Merging, taking over, or organizing strategic confederation with other java companies93. Continuously spread outing

1. Rising monetary values of java beans and dairy merchandises2. Supply breaks3. Increased competition from local coffeehouse and other cafe ironss4.

Policy alteration


In my sentiment, Costa Coffees SWOT analysis shows, that they have established a reasonably strong endeavor. They have more strengths than failings, and that is good. Of class, they could spread out their java shops, as they are located in comparatively few states, and even there they are largely concentrated in one part, so they would derive more clients. Besides, they could accommodate their monetary values so that this java would be more available for all societal categories, but as their chief mark market doesn’t include lower categories and it is their policy, as they see themselves as luxury merchandise suppliers, than that is their pick whether to make it or non.

Besides looking at chances, they largely consequences from their failings and the manner they can better their failings. They should overview this list, and so measure whether to utilize these chances and alter their trade name or remain the same, as their company is well-enough created. But if we talk about menaces, the lone manner how to avoid them, is to develop a good system of flexibleness, that would intend, that they should be ready for alterations in market, policy, struggles. They should be ready to be able to get by with these menaces in any clip and topographic point. So, if they haven’t thought about these menaces, they should overlook them and make up one’s mind how they would cover with them if they would come true.

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