Swot analysis for Golden village Sample

1. Background of CompanyAureate Village ( GV ) was established on 28 May 1992. with the first film at Yishun 10 composite. It was a united venture by two companies. Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Holding Limited of Hong Kong and Village Roadshow Limited of Australia. Currently. GV has a sum of 11 films at different shopping promenades across Singapore. The current Chief executive officer of the company is Ms. Clara Cheo whom had taken up the assignment on 22 April 2013 from Mr Kurt Rieder.

2. SWOT of Golden VillageSWOT analysis is a comparing of strengths. failings. chances and menaces that helps employers formulate schemes to better the concern of the company.

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2. 1. StrengthThe strength in this context is looking at internal strengths which the company has in order for the company to stand out in its industry. a. Good Reputation – GV was deemed as Singapore’s taking film exhibitioner and taking in dependent movie distributer. Singapore. GV. ( 2012. April 26 ) . Aureate Village Celebrates 20 Old ages of Movie Entertainment in Singapore. GV was besides graded 5th for the Out- Of – Home ( OOH ) Media of the twelvemonth in 2013 which was derived by a study on countries refering to advertisement and marker of the company. Selling. Staff Writer. ( 2013. September 20 ) . OOH Media of the twelvemonth 2013. B. Skilled Workforce – GV recruits employees that met certain standards as stated in their enlisting web page and personal experience at the theater proves that their staffs were good trained every bit good as really client orientated.

c. Good Market Shares – Total there are 5 major runing film companies and GV holds about 70 per centum of the market portion in this industry. d. Strong Financing – As mentioned earlier. GV was a joint venture of 2 abroad companies and these 2 companies are good known in the film industry or their achievements. This determines the stableness of the finance and reinforces the fiscal position of the company. e. Enterprises – GV had joined partnership with Volkswagen to construct a slide at the film in Vivocity in 2013. the intent of this is to make an icon that is able to pull more clients. GV wishes to make a new film experience for its clients and this enterprise besides acts as a signifier of gross for GV because it helps to publicize for Volkswagen which acts as a beginning of inactive income.

2. 2. FailingThe failing in this context represents countries which requires room for betterment to assistance in the success of the company. a. Outdated installations – In this current market. consumers are looking for quality experience and it seems that Tampines and Tiong Bahru Plaza GVs had are comparatively smaller compared to the other mercantile establishments with out-of-date installations which may non be able to supply what the current consumers are looking for.

2. 3OpportunitiesOpportunities are deemed as factors which may increase the gross of the company. a. Emerging Technology – With mention to Asiatoday. Golden Village Introduces the Following Generation of Cinemas at City Square Mall ( 2012. November 08 ) . GV had invested up to $ 6 million on the freshly opened GV mercantile establishment at City Square to better on the film experiences and less clip devouring for frequenters by cutting down on waiting clip for purchase of tickets every bit good as come ining into the film. B. Strong Economy – Singapore’s economic system is on a steady growing and this consequences in an addition of passing power by Singaporeans. Bing able to supply a premium service to run into the demands of the consumers. GV is able to bear down the consumers at a premium monetary value for the service. c. Rising Population – The addition in population would hold that there will be an addition in demand. Therefore. it creates more concern chances for the company.

2. 4ThreatsThe menaces represents factors that may do a bead in gross and some of these factors may do a ruin of the company finally. a. Substitute Products – Due to the promotion of engineerings. film buccaneering became a menace to the industry. There was a important bead of 5 per centum in gross revenues during 2012 with mention to Victoria. B. ( 2013. July 15 ) . MyPaper. Cinemas all out to court movie-goers. B. Strong Competitors – In the similar industry. Cathay is the 2nd largest company which is besides making good in this industry and the installations are newer. Asides to that. a new company has emerged in the recent old ages. Filmgarde Cineplex. this resulted in the addition of fight between the companies. c. Lesser price reductions for film tickets – In mention to Table. 1 shown below. GV has lesser publicities and the tickets are more dearly-won during the peak hours as compared to its rivals.

3. Analysis

3. 1PlanningIt is to make a witting. systematic procedure in doing determinations which the company will prosecute in the hereafter. It is being directed and controlled by directors which frequently draws the cognition and experience of employees throughout the organisation. In mention to the mentioned organisation. they had been invariably bettering themselves to supply a new film experience to its consumers and took feedbacks from their staffs every bit good as consumers to better even further on their procedures. This move shows us that they had applied a decentralized planning construct which involved the inputs from the land staffs and consumers.

3. 2OrganizingIt is defined as the manner the company operates in signifiers of either a Functional. Divisional. Matrix or a Hybrid construction. In mention to the mentioned organisation. I would presume that they are runing utilizing a Functional construction as their focal point in chiefly on one type of merchandise. A Functional construction is defined as being organized harmonizing to its functional groups and in this context. the company would be holding sections such as Service Support. Gross saless & A ; Marketing. Corporate Relations. Finance and Human Resource.

3. 3LeadingIt is being defined as a behaviour that gives purpose and intending to the organisation. visualizing and making a positive hereafter. In mention to the new CEO. Ms Clara Cheo. that has merely taken over the assignment last twelvemonth on 22 April 2013 shows that her leading manner was utilizing the democratic attack as she had taken into considerations of the demands and the wants of the consumers. This attack could merely be applied if she had allowed her staffs to take part proactively in the determination devising procedure. Looking at the new enterprises by the company it clearly reflects that she had applied this attack to optimise the effectivity in advancing the merchandise.

3. 4ControllingIt is being define as any procedures that directs the work done by single towards the accomplishment of organisational ends. In my sentiment towards this instance. the company is still practising market control as they need to take into consideration that each GV mercantile establishment will hold a different public presentation result in respects to their gross revenues marks. The ground is due to different locations will hold a different set of mark audience every bit good as different population size which will impact the gross revenues public presentation at the terminal of the twenty-four hours for each mercantile establishment. This is being justified by GV opening a new film in City Square Mall because there are no other quality film in the locality and it shows that the possible net income is high.

4. DecisionIn general. it is conclusive that GV is making good in the film industry as there are more strength compared to the failings that the company has. Apart from that. the chances for the company to stand out in this industry has been invariably increasing due to the democratic attack which the CEO uses. Whereby. it allows more participants in giving thoughts every bit good as ownership to the determinations that are being made by the different degrees of direction.

5. RecommendationWith mention to the mentioned company. it is rather clear that the company uses Differentiation construct in Business Level schemes as they concentrate on supplying two types of services to its consumers. First type is by selling of normal GV film tickets which are less dearly-won and targets the bulk of the population. Second type is by selling Gold Class GV film tickets at a higher monetary value which targets consumers whom demands for premium service and has the disbursement power to make so. This move is a good concern construct for this competitory industry but I would urge that GV work on a Diversification scheme as this scheme allows the company to concentrate on multiple types of concern in order to increase the net income earned by the company therefore beef uping the wealth of the company.

Reason to make so is because of the extremely competitory rivals in this industry whom are invariably happening new methods to pull the consumers and run intoing their demands. By concentrating on merely one merchandise. the company will confront a menace if the competition companies had came up with new constructs that attracts most of consumers over. This will make a bead in gross and will finally ensue in the company non gaining plenty to pass on its selling section to up sell the merchandise. It can besides ensue in the company non being able to afford any farther publicities as publicities for its merchandise means a bead in net income border at the terminal province. By being able to diversify its concern. it creates more market chances and able to aim a wider scope of consumers. An illustration of what GV can venture into making will be gap of


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