Grandmother Topics

I liked spending time at my grandma’s house Essay

My grandma was a loving person who cared about other people. She always knew what to get for birthdays and when she would send a present for our birthdays I always felt loved and special. When she sent presents for our birthday, she would put two items in for the birthday boy or girl one being clothes and...

Growing up with Grandmother Essay

Growing up with Grandmother
            Thinking back to my growing up years, it would only be fair to say that grandmother taught me  the most important lesson regarding how to accept who I am, be happy with what life had to offer to me, and finally work with what I had.
            Our family was a wee...

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Grandma Saved the Day Essay

My grandma was a brave women. she never said die. My favourite place to go is the mountains. I like it there because it’s so peaceful and quiet. I just go to get away from everyone and all my stress. Although this makes it a great place to go, my main reason for loving the mountains is because it’s where my...

A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay

“A Good Man is Hard to Find” is a short story written by Flannery O’Connor in 1955 that focuses on the grandmother’s perspective of events. The story primarily revolves on the humorous portrayal of a family embarking on a vacation. It is a confrontation of a family with violence and surprised death. It says...

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