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Kurt Cobain Essay

For our modern day hero we used the singer and songwriter Kurt Cobain from theband Nirvana. This punk Seattle band moved almost mainstream almost overnight.Nirvana caught on fast and changed rock and roll music forever and molded themusic of the 90s, alternative. Cobain had an enormous amount of talent...

Kurt Cobain Informative Speech Essay

The story of Kurt Cabin is a stow of great talent, hardship and tragedy. But it is a story that needs to be heard and one I think we can all relate to in some way. Kurt was born in 1 967 200 miles away from Seattle in the small up state logging town of Aberdeen. He lived there with his parents and sister and...

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Kurt Cobain Informative Speech Essay

“I remember watching Kurt come through and thinking, “God, this music is nuclear,” This is really splitting the atom. They raised the temperature for everybody. Manufactured pop never looked so cold as when that heat was around. Nirvana made everything else look silly.” -Bono of U2 is quoted in Lorraine...

Kurt Cobain Essay

Was Kurt Cobain bipolar? Thousands of people still research information about his death and what could have caused it. Kurt Cobain became a rock legend when his band Nirvana formed in 1990s. He grew up in a small town, Cobain showed a big interest in art and music as well as drawing. After his song Lithium...

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